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Inspiring Innovations Mini Grants

The Metropolitan Community College Foundation Board invites MCC staff and faculty to join in the Inspiring Innovation Mini-Grants Initiative. Grants of up to $3,000 will be awarded to successful applicants.

Faculty and staff are invited to apply for mini-grants to launch innovative projects with mission-driven, student-focused outcomes related to:

  1. Instruction and Learning
  2. Services and Supports

These mini-grant areas of focus ensure that winning proposals are responsive to the MCC core mission to provide quality education.

To get started, interested applicants should contact the MCC Grants Office to discuss the proposed project. There are no standing deadlines; our office is ready to assist when you are ready to apply. If you are new to grants, we'll coach you along the way.

The application form is attached here for your review.

List of projects funded by the MCCF Inspiring Innovation Mini-Grants program.

Entrepreneur Blue Sky Fund    $3,000

The Blue Sky Fund will enable MCC students from any program area of study access to small funding between $100-$500 to enable them to pre-test, research, start, sustain, or grow an entrepreneurial or innovative endeavor. Students will complete a formal application to a screening committee to compete for the opportunity to make an in-person pitch to a panel of judges at the annual student entrepreneur conference where awards will be made publicly.

Great Plains Theatre Conference (GPTC) MainStage Play Publishing and Video    $3,000

The GPTC would like to publish and videotape the readings of the five MainStage plays and use them to directly benefit students and faculty in MCC's Theatre Program. The publication will become the textbook used in a variety of classes, meeting the demand for fresh, contemporary works.

Math Assessment Tool    $3,000

The Math Assessment Tool is a measuring aid that can be used in a variety of classes here at MCC including math, art, carpentry, engineering, nursing, and automotive to help our students improve their ability to accurately read a ruler, understand fractions, and prepare them to meet the basic needs of industry. The tool is currently in use at several campus locations and seeing significant success in outcome assessments. Funds will purchase additional tool kits to meet the growing demand.

Maya Angelou Reading Club    $500

The Maya Angelou Reading Club will strive to heighten students' interest in reading, and enhance their reading comprehension and vocabulary skills. With approximately 5-10 students in the group, students will read portions of Maya Angelou's biographies and meet to discuss themes, their reactions, and reading strategies. Funds will be used to provide students with books.

Original Works @ MCC    $1,000

Original Works @ MCC is a new series led by MCC's Institute for Cultural Connections (ICC). This series will showcase student talent through a variety of new and planned MCC-sponsored events. The goal is to highlight both student talent and the diverse nature of MCC programs and degrees. Funds will be used for promotional materials.

Buffalo Robe Project    $3,000

The Buffalo Robe Project is a cross-disciplinary effort involving students in research, study, application of local history, art history, sociology, and design. The result will be the production of a traditional winter count in the style of tribes native to Nebraska, painted by MCC students on a traditional brain-tanned buffalo hide that was gifted to MCC in 2010 by guest artist and scholar Steve Tamayo.

Tales of Poe    $3,000

MCC's Theatre Program is partnering with the Joslyn Castle Trust to present Tales of Poe - a series of performances and discussions exploring the life and work of American poet Edgar Allan Poe. Tales of Poe takes place Oct. 1 - 24 and directly involves MCC students in acting and production, and will benefit MCC students, faculty, and alumni who will learn about the versatility of themes and forms within classic American literature through non-traditional theatrical production.

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