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Metropolitan Community College Grants Office
Life Cycle of a Grant

Grants Pie Chart

Adapted with permission from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro

1. Generate Idea

  • MCC Staff or Faculty Member generates unique and fundable idea
  • Project Lead is identified to support proposal development and project management

2. Locate Funding Opportunity

  • Project Lead works with Grants Office to identify possible funding sources, if not already identified

3. Secure Institutional Support

  • Project Lead works with Grants Office to identify and secure the appropriate level of institutional approval required to proceed with proposal development, via Development Approval Form (DAF)

4. Develop Proposal

  • Project Lead and Grants Office reviews guidelines for application process and requirements
  • Project Lead writes narrative and drafts budget, with support from Grants Office as needed

5. Finalize Proposal

  • Project Lead gathers supplementary materials (i.e. letters of support, logic model, qualifications of key staff)
  • Accounting Office approves budget
  • Grants Office reviews proposal for completeness, accuracy, and clarity

6. Submit Proposal

  • Grants Office submits final proposal via US mail or electronically to funding agency
  • Grants Office sends final proposal documents to the Project Lead and Accounting Office¬†

7. Pre-Award Activity

  • Project Lead ensures timely project start-up by preparing for facility, administrative, or programmatic growth/changes
  • If hiring of new personnel is involved, Project Lead contacts HR to begin approval process. Position(s) may be posted prior to receipt of grant award with disclaimer, “Position contingent upon receipt of external funding.”¬†

8. Negotiate/Accept Award

  • If grant is awarded to the College, Legal reviews terms and conditions of award and negotiates, if necessary
  • Grants Office returns executed award documentation to funding agency
  • Grants Office sends Grant Award Notification (GAN) to Project Lead, key project staff, and impacted departments

9. Manage Project

  • Accounting Office creates project cost center and budget setup; monitors financial progress
  • Project Lead works with Administrative Management & Legal to set up subcontracts or subawards
  • Project Lead works with internal/external partners to conduct activities as stated in proposal and communicates progress with Grants Office regularly via Grant Manager Reports (GMR).
  • Grants Office submits/receives amendments, modifications, no-cost extensions, if necessary
  • Project Lead completes and Grants Office submits interim/progress reports, as required by funding agency

10. Close-Out Award

  • Project Lead drafts final report and sends to Grants Office for review
  • Accounting Office completes final invoice or financial summary
  • Grants Office submits final report package to funding agency and maintains project file




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