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Horticulture, Land Systems, and Management Faculty

Welcome to the Horticulture web page. This collection of information has been provided to offer assistance to you as an instructor.  This web page is a to facilitate communication, provide easy access to printable forms, and provide department information and activities.  You may access all of the information on- and off-campus. Please call 402-457-2510 if you have any questions or suggestions.

Faculty and Staff Resources

- Faculty Information Guide

- Scheduling Tools

- Key MCC Links

Faculty and Staff Resource Center

- Quick Links

- Resources

- Departments

- Policies and Procedures

Records Office

Faculty Extra Compensation Definitions and Pay Schedule

Class Outlines

Horticulture, Land Systems, and Management

Event Forms

CHH Internal Activities/Events Request

Request for ICA Assistance

Common Forms


- Academic Activity Funding Request

- Academic Credit Petition

- Academic Misconduct Incident Report

- Closed Class Late Registration Form

- Course Action Request (CAR)

- Course Outline Template

- Course Proficiency Application

- Credit for Work Experience

- Faculty Absence/Tardy Worksheet

- Faculty Performance Appraisal

- Faculty Schedule Template

- Independent Study and Special Topics Application

- Instructional Observation Worksheet

- Student Activity Request

- Student Permanent Record Change

- Substitute Faculty Authorization

- Syllabus Campus Template

Faculty and Staff

- Absence and Leave

- Educational Assistance Application

- Employee Dependant Tuition Waiver

- Employee Tuition Waiver

- Food, Beverage and Miscellaneous Expenditures Approval

- Foundation Forms Page

- Hold Harmless Agreement

- Non-Itemized, Lost/Missing Receipt Form

- Part-Time Temps Action Form

- Performance Summary

- Personal Requisition/Authorization Form

- Program Action Request (PAR)

- Reimbursement Voucher

- Request to Hire Form

- Software - New Software Purchase and Install Request

- Software - Non-Standard Software Installation Request

- Student Requesting a Tour

- Temporary Employment Agency Request

- Travel Authorization and Narrative

Adjunct Faculty

- Adjunct Faculty Dependant Tuition Discount Form

- Adjunct Faculty Professionl Development Pay Authorizationl

- Adjunct Faculty Tuition Discount Form

- Adjunct Observation Form

- Adjunct Reflection Form

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