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Early Retiree Plan

The BCBS EHA Early Retiree “Direct Bill” plan is designed to provide health and/or dental coverage for early retirees (ages 50-64) until the retiree becomes eligible for Medicare.  Eligibility is dependent on the retiree’s age at the time of retirement and a minimum of 60 months of continuous coverage under the College’s group health and dental plans when the retiree left service with the College. 

The BCBS EHA Early Retiree "Direct Bill" plan offers a $750 deductible, $1650 deductible, or $3100/HSA-eligible plan (dental is optional), until age 65 when the individual becomes eligible for Medicare.  Under the Direct Bill plan, participants must also pay the annual NSEA membership dues in addition to the monthly insurance premium.  The membership dues depends on the retiree’s NSEA membership status prior to retirement.

NOTE: Early retirees have the option to elect COBRA continuation coverage upon retirement in order to retain the same health benefits as active employees for the duration of the COBRA election period. However, electing COBRA will permanently preclude the early retiree from transferring to the EHA Early Retiree Direct Bill plan at a later date.

For more information, contact BCBS’s EHA Lincoln office:  402-390-1855; toll-free 1-800-642-6004.


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