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Dental Insurance

The College offers full-time exempt and non-exempt employees dental care under the EHA Blue Cross/Blue Shield Option 2 PPO dental plan that provides preventive, basic, and major restorative dental benefits.

Dental Providers: By using participating (in-network) dentists, you can save money on your dental care expenses.  Participating PPO dentists have agreed not to bill members for any charges above the BCBS benefit allowance, except for any insurance or charges for non-covered services, which are the member’s responsibility. To locate a PPO dentist, go to www.nebraskablue.com then click on "Member Services" and search the "Dental GRID" network.

Plan Benefits: The BCBS PPO dental plan consists of 80% coverage for eligible expenses including preventive dentistry (check-ups, x-rays), maintenance and simple restorative dentistry (such as extractions, fillings and root canals) and 50% complex restorative dentistry (including crowns and bridges) if you visit a dentist in the BCBS PPO Dental Network.

If you visit a dentist outside the BCBS PPO dental network, the plan pays 70% of allowable charges for preventive and maintenance/simple restorative services, and applies a $50 deductible (per family) for maintenance/simple complex and complex restorative services. The plan pays 50% of allowable charges for complex restorative dentistry (less the $50 deductible.)

Effective Date: New employees must enroll within 31 days of employment and coverage becomes effective the first of the month following the beginning date of employment. Under BCBS dental, children are covered until age 26.

BCBS Customer Service:  402-390-1855

Website:  www.nebraskablue.com

HR Contact:  Julie Nohrenberg, 402-457-2232, or Karla Stoltenberg, 402-457-2235

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