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Sick Leave

Regular full-time non-exempt employees accrue 8 hours of sick leave for each month worked. Accrual of sick leave does not increase with length of service. An Absence and Leave Form must be completed by the employee and signed by the supervisor. Accrued sick leave permits continuation of full pay during absence due to:

  • Disability caused by a medical condition of the employee;
  • The need to prevent exposure of co-workers and the public to contagious disease;
  • The need of the employee to obtain dental or medical care;
  • The illness or injury of a member of the employee's "immediate family" defined as father, mother, current spouse, dependent children, stepchildren, whether living in the employee’s home or elsewhere; and any relative living in the household of the employee; or
  • Adoption of a child when that child requires the personal care and presence of the employee.

Upon retirement, an employee age of 60 or older with a minimum total point score of 70 (employee’s age at retirement plus years of regular employment with the College), the College will payout a portion of his/her unused sick leave at the employee's current daily rate, according to the following chart:

Total Point Score at Time of Retirement Percentage of Payout
80 or more 25%
79 24%
78 23%
77 22%
76 21%
75 20%
74 19%
73 18%
72 17%
71 16%
70 15%


60 10 years 15%
66 20 years 25%

Upon the death of a current employee, 50% of the employee's unused sick leave will be paid to the employee's designated beneficiary.

(Procedures Memorandum VI-13)

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