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Wellness event

Boost your immunity! Decrease stress! Improve your mood! Decrease pain! Sound like an ad for a wonder drug? It’s not…these are just four of the many benefits of laughing! It’s true – just laughing can provide you with a long list of health improving benefits.

Want to learn more? Register today for the next online EHA Wellness Program, Laughter: The Best Medicine, that starts February 1st.. You’ll receive daily emails with recipes and health tips ,and if you laugh each day for 23 days during the month of February, you’ll be entered to win one of 200 gift cards!

Part-time employees are welcome to participate in wellness program. Interested part-time faculty and staff may email Julie Nohrenberg in Human Resources, jnohrenberg@mccneb.edu to enroll.

To register, go to www.ehawellness.org/laugh. Forgot your EHA Wellness Code? Click on EHA Wellness Code at the bottom of the page to access your code.



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