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Metropolitan Community College is in the development process of a community Mural Project for Spring and Summer 2014 that will result in an approximately 3,000 square foot mural on the south wall of the South Omaha Campus. The South Omaha Campus Mural Project will be the centerpiece of community programing and activities in collaboration with working local artists, area youth, MCC students and faculty, and the greater South Omaha community.



The proposed mural site is along the south wall of the South Omaha Campus of Metropolitan Community College. This space is shared with a Metro transit bus hub. The wall is concrete slabs, segmented into several panels approximately 11–by-10 feet for a total of 3,300 square feet.


The South Omaha Campus, located in the heart of South Omaha, is MCC’s largest physical campus, with an annual seat count of more than 32,000 students (duplicated). It is also the campus with the most community foot traffic by far—containing the South Omaha Public Library and a Metro bus hub. It is home to numerous annual community events such as the International Fair, the Cinco de Mayo celebration and various job fairs.


As it stands today, the wall is uninspiring and lifeless. It is visible to Metro bus passengers, as well as students, staff and visitors using the walkway between the South Omaha Public Library and MCC’s Connector Building, the main service building of the campus. MCC is proud to have a home in this community, and it will be up to the selected artists and participating students to create a mural that honors the nearly 35-year relationship for years to come.      


Project description

The South Omaha Campus Mural Project was developed by MCC’s Public Art Committee (PAC). The PAC sets policy, determines locations, establishes selection criteria, maintains inventory and identification guidelines, and makes recommendations to the College president concerning public art projects on all MCC campuses and learning centers. Not only does the work of the PAC result in dynamic, engaging learning spaces for our students, but also in the acquisition of quality public art that makes the College a destination for community members and visitors. The South Omaha Campus Mural Project will result in an excellent piece of public art reflective of the College mission and the vibrant history and culture of South Omaha.


The goals of the project are two-fold: 1) to create a meaningful, hands-on learning experience for Metropolitan Community College (MCC) students and community youth participating in the Kent Bellows Studio Mentoring Program and 2) to create a quality public art installation that reflects the mission of the College and the history/culture of the South Omaha community, while looking to its future.


The featured artist will work with an MCC instructor to develop curriculum for two consecutive, five-week Summer quarter credit courses from June 6 through Aug. 15, 2014, with approximately 88 contact hours expected during this period. The first five-week course (Course 1) will focus on fostering arts entrepreneurship, conducting local research and engaging with community members to develop a mural concept that is truly accepted and appreciated by the community. The second five-week course (Course 2) will focus on the execution of the design and the creation of a high-quality mural. Depending on the featured artist’s connections to other organizations, additional partners may be included in the project.



MCC seeks to identify an artist with experience in mural painting and in mentoring youth in the arts. Once identified, this artist will serve in the capacity of adjunct faculty teaching 13.4 education contact hours (2 studio classes) in Summer 2014. The artist will also serve as a visiting artist, overseeing the completion of the project with collaboration from MCC students and Kent Bellows students.


Preference is given to artists who have received an MFA or have experience teaching in a college setting and mentoring youth. The chosen artist must have experience in producing murals and be insured for such business. It is expected that the artist will produce drawings and studies for the project after leading discussions with the community and conducting research with students.


Artists who are 18 years or older and living full time in Nebraska are invited to apply. This project is open to applicants regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, or disability. Teams of artists, designers and/or engineers are welcome to apply. Incomplete, ineligible or late submissions will be deemed ineligible and will not be considered. Applicants must pass a criminal background check.



An estimated budgeted amount of $20,000 is expected for the selected artist’s commission, which includes materials, fabrication and installation. The artist will also be compensated for two courses at the current adjunct teaching rate and additional stipend for engagements and services associated with the project.



The evaluation and selection process will generally occur as follows; dates are subject to change as necessary due to scheduling issues or other circumstances.


The first stage is a request for qualifications (RFQ), in which the Public Art Committee invites artists to submit general qualifications for the fabrication and execution of the mural.

To be considered for this project, eligible artists must submit the following materials to MCC by 5 p.m. on July 31, 2013, to the email listed on the application form. 


A selection committee will notify the finalists by Aug. 15, 2013. The finalists may be asked to present their work to the panel to explain the artistic quality of their work, appropriateness of experience/expertise for the proposed project, and professionalism in working with communities in project development. The selected artist will be notified by Sept. 1, 2013.


Grant applications for funding will be submitted by MCC in October 2013. Course 1 and project development will begin in March 2014. Community workshops and fora will be conducted during the spring to garner support and collaboration for the design. Course 2 and mural painting will begin no later than June 2014. Project will be completed by August 2014.


Project timeline

July 15, 2013:  Call to Artists (RFQ) issued

Aug. 15, 2013: Deadline for submission of responses to RFQ

Aug. 30, 2013: Selection panel reviews, selects, and notifies finalists, invited to interview

Sept. 15, 2013: Selected artist is notified

Oct. 1, 2013: MCCF, NAC and NHC grant applications due

Jan. 30, 2014: Curriculum for courses submitted to Dean of Visual Arts

June 6, 2014: Summer quarter begins

July 30, 2014: Community fora complete

Aug. 15, 2014: Community workshops complete

Aug. 15, 2014: Mural project complete


This timeline is subject to change.

Artists will receive all notification by letter via U.S. Mail.



Email questions and applications to Susan Trinkle, Visual Arts faculty at Metropolitan Community College:


Thank you for your interest!




Nondiscrimination & Equal Opportunity Statement 

Metropolitan Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, age, disability or sexual orientation in admission or access to its programs and activities or in its treatment or hiring of employees. The College complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Act of 1990, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, the Age Discrimination Act of l975, related Executive Orders 11246 and 11375 and all civil rights laws of the State of Nebraska and the City of Omaha.


Contacts: Concerning Title VI (race), Title IX (gender equity), Section 504 (disability) and Americans with Disabilities Act/Program and Services Accessibility, and Age, contact: Vice President for Campuses and Student Affairs: 402-457-2681 (students) Associate Vice President of Human Resources: 402-457-2236 (employees) Director of Facilities: 402-457-2529 (accessibility)


Concerning hiring and employment-related complaints of discrimination or harassment based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, age, disability, sexual orientation, retaliation or for affirmative action and diversity issues, contact: Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversity: 402-457-2649


The address for all of the above individuals is as follows:

            Metropolitan Community College

            30th and Fort streets

            P.O. Box 3777

            Omaha, NE 68103-0777









































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