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What is Ensemble Video (http://cloud.ensemblevideo.com)

Ensemble Video is a service licensed by MCC to host and stream video, similar to YouTube. Ensemble is easy to use, and can be a great way to communicate with your students, present information, or receive projects from students.

Communicate with your students: An introduction video is a great way to inject some personality into an online course. You can also present lectures, clarify assignments or even feedback.

Present information: Video is a great way to capture presentations from visiting speakers, events, and student presentations that may be valuable in future courses.

Recieve projects from students: Ensemble's dropbox feature allows students to upload video and audio for easy playback. This has been a great addition to online classes where presentations are an integral part of the curriculum. Instructors can choose to share student submissions for peer-review activities.

If you're interested in using Ensemble Video in your course, or would like to brainstorm some potential uses, please contact IDS.

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