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Audio Recording

Original Audio recorded by faculty

  • Medical Terminology  (.mp3) *
    Jan Hess recorded the Medical Terminology pronunciations that she uses each quarter for her classes.  In the past, the list of pronunciations was accessed as a word document, now students can click to hear the pronunciation from her website.  It makes a great tool for review and test preparation.
  • Spanish for Culinary (.mp3) *
    Julie Pospishil teaches Spanish for Culinary Professionals.  She wanted her students to be able to review and hear the correct pronunciation of words and phrases for each chapter.  Students are given a CD to go along with their textbooks.  Click to hear an example.
  • Horticulture Plant Names- Low Light - Medium Light - High Light (.ppt, .wav) *
    Here Donna Rankin has recoreded Horticulture pronunciations and embeded them in her PowerPoint presentation.  Students see the picture and name of the plant then click to hear the correct pronunciation.  Stored on the new Media Server for easy accessibility and streaming.

* Files are stored on the new Media Server for easy accessibility and streaming while eliminating the need for file duplication on different servers.

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