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Good practice in undergraduate education

as stated by Chickering and Gamson (1991):

  • encourages contact between students and faculty
  • develops reciprocity and cooperation among students
  • encourages active learning
  • gives prompt feedback
  • emphasizes time on task
  • communicates high expectations
  • respects diverse talents and ways of learning

Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education
Chickering and Gamson's article on the subject.

For Best Pedagogical Practices, view the University System of Georgia's Advanced Learning Technologies Instructional Design Standards for Instructional Effectiveness and Pedagogy

Advanced Learning Technologies

Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia

Best Practices

Critical Thinking
A collection of articles and links pertaining to numeracy and critical thinking.

Multiple Intelligences
A site with summary information about multiple intelligences, with special attention given to designing classes to appeal to all intelligences.

A guide to choosing software that help address multiple intelligences.

Illinois Online Network

Educational Resources

Instructional Strategies for Online Courses

Project Look Sharp

Providing materials, training and support to help teachers prepare for life in today's media saturated world.

12 Basic Priciples for Incorporating Media Literacy and Critical Thinking Into Any Curriculum


For tecnical best practices, the University System of Georgia's Advanced Learning Technologies General Course Development Technical Criteria

Responsibilities and Rights

TLT Group

Rights and Responsibilities of Individual and Institutional Members of the Community of Electronic Learners

Electronic Bill of Rights and Responsibilities

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