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Technology Room Locations
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FOC Building 8

Room# Capacity/Type Documnet Camera Projector Lamp Hours Filter Hours DVD VCR Combo VGA Switch Remote Receiver AIO Other
201 FAB LAB NO NO NA NA NO NO NO NO NO NO Special Config of Lifesize Equipment
202 17/Comp Tables NO NEC NP-M260X 1119 99 NO Toshiba VCR W403 NO VIKI N0 NO 17 computers, Grey Rapid Run
203 12/Comp Tables NO NEC NP410 1878 69 NO NO NO XBOX YES NO new room code
206 17/ Comp Tables AverVision 300AF+ NEC LT 380 1349 227 NO NO Magnavox DVD220MW9 XBOX YES YES Wall Plate Rapid Run

Last Updated 11/19/2014


RR = Remote Receiver; allows you to use your projector remote to advance powerpoint.

AIO = All in One computer

^ Program specific rooms, but can be used for non-program specific classes as needed.

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