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Technology Room Locations

MCC Express

Room #


Document Camera


VCR or Combo

102 16/Tables AverMedia300 NEC M260X


RR, VGA Switch
104 34/Comp tables    


106 28/Tables AverMedia300 NEC M260X, 60" TV w/smart overlay


VGA Switch, RR, Sympodium ID350
108 12/Tables   47" LG TV

Cables Attached to TV for user provided laptop

110 28/Tables AverMedia300 Sympodium, 80" TV & two 60" TV w/smart overlay, two wall mounted computers, 2 wireless keyboards & mice


VGA Switch, Sympodium ID350
112 28/Tables AverMedia300 NEC M260X, 60" Sharp TV w/smart overlay, one wall mounted computers



VGA Switch, RR, Sympoduim


RR = Remote Receiver; allows you to use your projector remote to advance powerpoint

Last Updated 09/11/2012
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