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Office Technology

What is 'Office Technology?'

Office technology is the application of knowledge and skills to provide various kinds of administrative support to people and groups to meet an organization’s goals. Office technology professionals are utilized in a broad range of businesses and industries, including both for-profit and nonprofit. Majority work in traditional offices; however, working remotely or as virtual assistants is increasing. According to IAAP (International Association of Administrative Professionals), “administrative professionals represent nearly 23 million office and administrative support professionals in the U.S. alone. They work in every major public and private sector. They are a significant point of contact for customers, clients, contractors, co-workers, managers, executives and shareholders (IAAP 2013 Benchmark Survey).”


Office technology professionals perform a variety of administrative and clerical duties that are necessary to efficiently coordinate the day-to-day office operations and work in a wide range of jobs given various job titles.


Students interested in becoming an Administrative Assistant or Office Professional generally can get started in most entry-level positions with a high school diploma or GED, plus basic office, computer, and Grammar skills. An appropriate industry-skill certification, and/or an Associate degree in office technology, will help to gain the skills needed. Even if a degree is not required, it is often preferred.


The mission of the Office Technology program is to prepare students for careers in an office environment. This program provides students with a complete knowledge of basic business applications and skills and prepares students to keep the offices organized and running smoothly and work with much of the valuable data that companies need to flourish. The skills learned in the program provide the foundation needed to succeed in today’s rapidly changing business world.


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