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Inside Story for Friday, February 27, 2009

Business Card Ordering Process

Ordering business cards is easy. Complete a business card request form, get the cost center manager signature and send to a P-Card holder in your department. All orders, proofing and payments will then be completed by the P-Card holder in an online transaction using SMARTworks.

An optional appointment card on the back side is available. Student Services cards may be ordered with a listing of all MCC student services locations on the front and an appointment card on the back.  

A standard order takes 7-10 days to receive and are delivered as noted on the order form. Orders come in boxes of 250, 500 or 1,000. 

Remote Access to MCC Staff Email System

Advances in technology provide the College with both new opportunities for remotely accessing email as well as opportunities for misguided individuals to bring harm to the College. MCC employees can remotely access their email accounts through various methods including the following:

1. Outlook Web Access from any location via the Internet
     a. Access using the Outlook web client is available any place at any time using a web browser
2. Outlook Anywhere
     a. Uses Outlook client over an HTTPS connection (needs high speed connection)
     b. Detailed instructions and assistance for setting up Outlook Anywhere can be found on the Help Desk web site - www.mccneb.edu/helpdesk/userinstructions.asp
3. Mobile access using cell phone or other PDA devices via the following: 
     a. Windows Mobile (recommend 6.0 or newer)  with Active Sync
     b. Blackberry mobile devices

NOTE:  Due to IRS tax rulings on employee benefits, Blackberry cellular devices require a client license to be purchased by MCC employees (not from College funds) in order to connect personal Blackberry devices to the College owned Blackberry server.  License fee payments of $100 can be made to any campus cashier.

Remote mobile device access instructions include certain requirements such as a PIN to access your cell phone. Additional requirements and restrictions can be found on the Help Desk web site at www.mccneb.edu/helpdesk/documents/CellularAccesstoMCCE-Mail.pdf. If you are already using a mobile cellular device to connect to your MCC email, you will also need to know the requirements and restrictions posted on this web site.

Access to the MCC email system via mobile cellular devices must be requested through the submission of the College Technology Activation Form (TAF). This should be submitted in the same manner as requesting an MCC email account, with approval coming from a cost center manager.

Remote access to MCC staff email accounts using POP3 and IMAP connections will be discontinued March 15. This is needed to better protect the College email system from less secure remote access methods.

GEARING up for World of Wheels 2009

The last few years the Recruitment team has collaborated with Diesel Service Technology and Auto Collision Technology to assemble and staff an MCC booth at the annual O'Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels expo at the Qwest Center.

"We're always really excited to brainstorm new ideas for the booth. It's exciting and fun to watch it all come together to create a unique booth at the show," states Mike Kolker, lead recruiter.

This year Automotive Technology will also be adding some support and will be looking for new recruits for their program and Career Academy. Luke Klingbeil, Pat McKibbin and Darrell Bush will be the instructors helping plan the booth, and each of them will be able to bring an experienced entourage of additional faculty, staff and even current MCC students to help staff the booth. This year MCC's exhibit will feature a diesel engine, a motorcycle that was painted by students and a wealth of information about what MCC can offer high school students or anyone else that is looking to take classes at MCC.

"Almost everyone in this year's Career Academy class was recruited at last year's World of Wheels event," McKibbin said. Klingbeil has also experienced a lot of success and said, "This is our biggest recruiting event each year."

The event will take place March 20-22. For more information about the show, visit www.autorama.com/casi/show/spectator/omaha.html.

The 2008 World of Wheels booth featured a race car and diesel engine along with videos and information about MCC.

World of Wheels

MCC Accounting Instructor Contributes to Tax Adviser Article

John Miller, Accounting instructor at MCC, is chairman of the Committee on Ethics for the Nebraska Society of CPAs. He is also on the IRS Practices and Procedures Committee for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and edits the taxes magazine, which has a distribution of approximately 135,000 members.

Miller was a team member in the writing of the attached journal article. The article is to be published nationally in Tax Adviser Magazine in May 2009. The article deals with disclosures to outside parties of accounting information used to prepare a tax return and is designed to protect the tax payer. Miller wrote the introductory section and the portion dealing with penalties. Visit http://www.mccneb.edu/business/ to view the entire article.

You Said It

Feb. 13 the MAPPing Workgroup downloaded the initial responses to the Your Thoughts Are Important! survey. Here are some of the emerging topics of focus from those responses, as well as the responses gathered through the roundtable discussions:

     o Keep up with changes
     o Keep moving forward with online classes
• Economy
     o Transportation needs
     o Affordable courses
     o Focus on second career/updating skills
     o Increase skill learning to get people employed quickly
• Staff
     o Professional development
     o Increased staffing needs
     o Right people in right positions
     o Bilingual staff
     o Leadership training/grooming
     o Customer service skills
     o Workforce succession planning
     o Diversity in workforce
     o Evaluation of workloads
     o Review of job descriptions and work processes
     o Taking advantage of talent already here
• Communication
     o Increase throughout the MCC system
     o Increase with the public
     o Stronger marketing tactics
     o Request student input
• Student Services
     o More financial assistance
     o Increase/coordinate department hours
     o More communication on the services we have
     o Bilingual services
     o Improve web site
     o College to work
• Partnerships
     o With community
     o With businesses
     o With colleges/universities
     o With K-12 organizations
     o With companies for training
     o To get donations
• Infrastructure
     o More buildings
     o More campuses
     o More offerings (programs and services) at locations
     o Equal distribution of services/resources across locations
     o Going green/sustainability

Remember, the survey is meant to be a living document. Thoughts can be added or updated throughout the year, and area leaders will be looking at the results regularly to look for new ideas or changes to improve the College that they can address based on your thoughts.

Professional Development Training

Professional development training is available to MCC staff via Corporate Education & Training (CET).  Currently CET has scheduled  Outlook 2007 and Excel 2003-2007 workshops  and is accepting names of employees interested in attending an Excel 2007 workshop.

Outlook 2007
CET has developed a customized Outlook 2007 training workshop available to staff who require only the Outlook 2007 training.

09/AP COMP 820N WI03           March 2         1-2:30 p.m.        FOC 8, Room 202      

Excel 2003-2007
Staff development workshops are now available on the Fort Omaha Campus for Excel 2003 to 2007. These workshops are designed for individuals who are experienced in Excel 2003 and want updated training for Excel 2007.

09/AP COMP 036N WI03           March 3          8 a.m.-noon        FOC 8, Room 206    
09/AP COMP 036N WI13           March3           1-5 p.m.             FOC 8, Room 206      

To register, contact CET at 457-2491. Tuition waiver/remission is available for full-time employees/faculty and part-time regulars using the Employee Tuition Waiver Form. Part-time temp employees and adjunct faculty who want to register should contact their dean's office to arrange for the cost center to be billed before registering. Deans should send cost center billing information to Adam Smith in FOC Bldg. 5 or by email at asmith102@mccneb.edu so the adjunct faculty and part-time temp employees will not be billed personally. Reference the Employee and Dependent Tuition Waiver Procedures Memorandum for more information.

More workshops are being scheduled; however, a minimum of five participants is needed to conduct each workshop. To have your name added to the contact list for future Excel 2007 training sessions, email Cheri Vossberg at clvossberg@mccneb.edu  and include the preferred campus, day and time.

Need for customized training for your division? If so, contact CET at 457- 2491.

Online Employment Application System Coming to MCC

In a  few weeks, Human Resources (HR) will showcase a new online employment application system that will result in process improvements for HR and Management Information Services (MIS) while providing benefits to applicants and screening committees alike. Since the application and communications process is online, this conversion lowers operational expenses and reduces HR staff time needed for data entry. For MIS, maintenance issues will be reduced because the application resides on a server maintained by the vendor. 

With this new process, applicants create and store their application online, thereby eliminating the need to complete separate applications when applying for multiple positions. With a completely electronic application process, applicants:

Have a convenient method for submitting applications and supporting documents (e.g., resumes, cover letters and transcripts) 

  • Are able to protect their privacy by using a self-generated application login (user name and password) avoiding the need to share their social security number. MCC employees will use their current MCC username/password to enter the system
  • Can easily edit their existing application to reflect changes in personal information, completion of degrees, etc.
  • Have immediate access to information about the status of their application. With each application submitted, applicants receive email notification confirming receipt

For those recruitments that require transcripts as part of the application package, scanners will be available in HR, at two of the main campus libraries (EVC, FOC) and at the SOC Career Center.

Screening committees will be able to screen applications online rather than use the traditional paper application screening method. HR staff will provide system training for screening committee chairs as the need arises.

If you have questions regarding the online system or revised application process, contact a member of the HR implementation team:

Carolyn Seymour - 457-2249, cseymour@mccneb.edu 
Karla Stoltenberg - 457-2235, kstoltenberg@mccneb.edu
Diana Ormandy - 457-2341, dormandy@mccneb.edu 

New Faces


Angela Bowen
Registration Clerk
Fort Omaha Campus

Angela Bowen received her Associate Degree in Administrative Assistant from Nebraska College of Business. She worked for the Follet Bookstore at MCC's Elkhorn Valley and Fort Omaha campuses before becoming a part-time temporary employee in the College's Registration Department last June. Bowen has been married to her husband Rick for eight years. She enjoys spending time with her niece Alissa and her nephews Kaden and Gavin.


Ruben Martinez
Welding Lab Technician
South Omaha Campus

Ruben Martinez received his Associate Degree in Welding Technology in May 2008. Prior to his career in the welding field, he was a personal trainer for 22 years in the Omaha area. Martinez has been working as a part-time lab welding technician and an adjunct welding instructor at MCC since January 2006. He is married and has five children, four boys and one girl. Martinez is an avid and talented artist using many types of media. He is working toward his Bachelor's in the Fine Arts, a goal he hopes to achieve within the next year or so.


Evelyn Melhorn
Student Services Assistant
South Omaha Campus

Evelyn Melhorn received her Associate Degree in Liberal Arts from MCC. She has lived in Omaha her entire life. Melhorn previously worked at the Cheesecake Factory. She is learning how to play the guitar and recently adopted a new puppy, a two-month-old Rat Terrier.

MCC Job Openings

For information about the College’s open positions and how to apply, visit www.mccneb.edu/hr or call the jobline at (402) 738-4050. Applications are also online at www.mccnebjobs.com.

MCC Is Making News

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