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Inside Story for Friday, September 25, 2009

MCC Health and Wellness Web Site

Preventing illnesses like seasonal flu and H1N1 from spreading is a top priority at MCC. To learn about helpful health and wellness tips, visit MCC's new Health and Wellness web site www.mccneb.edu/wellness/.

Flu Vaccination Drives at MCC Locations

Flu season is fast approaching. To help keep the MCC population healthy and flu-free, MCC has partnered with the Visiting Nurses Association (VNA) to host V Yourself vaccination events.

Elkhorn Valley Campus
Monday, Oct. 5      
11 a.m.-2 p.m.

South Omaha Campus             
Connector Commons
Tuesday, Oct. 6
10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Fort Omaha Campus                    
Bldg. 10, main hallway
Wednesday, Oct. 7       
10 a.m.-1 p.m.

Fremont Area Center                    
Thursday, Oct. 8              
10 a.m.-noon   

Applied Technology Center
Thursday, Oct. 8
Noon-2 p.m.

Sarpy Center                     
Room 138
Friday, Oct. 9
11 a.m.-1 p.m.

The vaccines are available to students, faculty and staff, family members and the general public for $25. The vaccinations are considered eligible expenses under a PayFlex healthcare account. The events will be overseen and administered by the staff from the VNA who are fully trained and certified in compliance with state regulations.

Encourage students and others to get vaccinated and help them to protect themselves and all those they come in contact with. To learn more about these V Yourself events, contact Sheila O'Connor at soconnor7@mccneb.edu or 457-2733.

Important Safety Information
Influenza vaccination may not prevent the disease in 100 percent of individuals. Persons should consult their healthcare provider to determine if they have a condition that precludes them from receiving the vaccine. All vaccines have side effects. The most common side effects of influenza vaccines include local reactions and mild general symptoms. Influenza vaccines are not currently approved for children under six months of age.


What Happened to My Faucet?

MCC has changed the faucet aerators from 2.2 gallon per minute (gpm) to 0.5 gpm as a water saving measure for the College's and community's water supply. This means every time you wash your hands for the recommended 20 seconds, you save 0.6 gallons of water. Multiply that by 20 people a day washing their hands at each sink, that equates to a savings of more than 4,000 gallons of water per year (this is equivalent to 40 average sized bathtubs).

For a college our size, this means saving more than 500,000 gallons of water each year-just by changing MCC's faucet aerators!

Most of the faucets have been changed, with a few more to go. If your faucets have already been changed, you may have noticed the water comes out of your faucet differently. Here are some common questions.

Why does this new faucet aerator spray all over the place?
Because the flow rate is lower, if you turn the water on at a high pressure it may spray out a little more from the needle spray aerator. You no longer need to turn the water on full-force to get decent pressure.

If water is actually spraying out from where the aerator is screwed in to the faucet, then it probably just needs to be screwed in a little tighter. Contact Daniel Lawse at 738-4564 or djlawse@mccneb.edu if you think the aerator needs to be tightened.

Is there still hot water?                           
If you originally had hot water, there is still hot water, it just many take a little longer for it to get to the faucet from the water heater because the flow rate of the water coming out is lower.

What about water temperatures and hand washing?
For hand washing to truly kill germs with hot water, you need to use boiling water (212 degrees Fahrenheit) for sterilization, which clearly is not what anyone does to wash hands. If you wash your hands properly with soap (20 seconds at least and get all the nooks and crannies), the water temperature is less important. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) states: "It is best to wash your hands with soap and clean running water for 20 seconds." Warm water is not killing the germs. Germs get killed either by the soap used or by being washed off your hands and down the drain. Warmer water makes hand washing a bit more comfortable. Let others know that proper hand washing is the key to good health.

The intention of changing faucet aerators was to save water while continuing to provide safe and effective ways to keep a clean and healthy campus.  Thank you for doing your part to use our limited and precious natural resources wisely!

Contact Daniel Lawse, Coordinator of Sustainable Practices, at 738-4564 or djlawse@mccneb.edu for more information.

Work and Study in Germany

The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX) is currently accepting applications for the 2010-2011 program. CBYX is a fellowship for college-age students and recent graduates who want to live, study and intern in Germany for one year. CBYX is funded by the US and German governments for participants in all career fields throughout the United States and does not require any prior German language knowledge. Applicants in business, engineering, scientific, vocational, technical and agricultural fields are especially encouraged to apply. Participants spend a year studying and working in their fields while completely immersed in the German language and culture.

The CBYX for Young Professionals fellowship funds the following expenses for 75 participants annually:
•Two months of intensive German language training (prior German language knowledge is not required but preferred)
•Semester of study in the participant's career field at a German college or university
•Five-month internship in the participant's career field with a German company
•Accommodations living with German hosts, in shared apartments and student dorms
•Transatlantic airfare and monthly food stipends
•Health/accident insurance
•Various program seminars in the United States and Germany

•U.S. citizen or permanent resident
•Between the ages of 18 and 24 at the start of the program in July 2010
•High school diploma or equivalent
•Clear career goals and some relevant work experience in career field
•Strong interest in German and international affairs and a strong sense of American identity
•Flexibility, independence and diplomacy

The application deadline is Dec. 1, 2009, for the program beginning in July 2010. For more information, contact Barbara Velázquez at bvelazquez@mccneb.edu or 457-2253.  Online applications are available at www.cdsintl.org/cbyx.

MCC Instructor Presented on Chicano Literature

Marco Bravo, Adjunct Spanish Faculty, presented Chicano Literature: Assimilation at a Latino Pace at the Sarpy Center on Sept. 22. Bravo described the history of the development of Chicano Literature, explored the use of language within Chicano poetry and highlighted several key authors from across the nation. Bravo offered CDs of his poetry to audience members at the close of the presentation. Bravo's next Chicano Literature credit course will be offered during Winter quarter at the Fort Omaha Campus on Thursday evenings from 6-8:45 p.m., SPAN 1900 5A.


Yellow Hammer Drum Recap

Kinsel Lieb and the Yellow Hammer Drum, Host Southern Drum for the Fort Omaha Intertribal Powwow, traveled from Ponca City, Okla., to promote the 18th Annual Fort Omaha Intertribal Powwow at the South Omaha Campus on Friday, Sept. 18 at 9 a.m. Steve Tamayo from Rosebud, S.D., narrated a dance demonstration by area dancers to the music of Yellow Hammer Drum, providing cultural information about traditional music, dance and regalia. Community members and students from MCC Instructor Al Motley's Human Relations class joined in a round dance at the end of the performance.



Powwow Recap

The 18th Annual Fort Omaha Intertribal Powwow and the 5th Annual Dreams of Eagles/Native American Indian Education Days Celebration were held under pleasant skies at the Fort Omaha Campus Parade Ground Sept. 15-19.  More than 4,000 4th grade students from Omaha Public Schools plus guests from Lincoln and Papillion learned about Native American cultures, crafts and traditions at the Dreams of Eagles event.  An estimated 3,000 people attended the 18th Annual Fort Omaha Intertribal Powwow narrated by Master of Ceremonies, Pat Bad Hand from Rosebud, S.D. Renowned host drums, Yellow Hammer from Ponca City, Okla., and Red Leaf, the oldest drum on the Rosebud Reservation, provided music along with six other drums from Omaha and area reservations.

Delrayne Roy from Midwest City, Okla., and the Ponca Tribe and Taylor Keen, Cherokee/Omaha and Instructor of Business at Creighton University, served as Head Dancers, leading more than 150 dancers into the arena. Ruby Wright, Ponca/Otoe, 13 years old and a student at Westside Middle School, was crowned princess.

Powwow 2009 prize drawing winners:
Joanne Patterson, Omaha, Neb.-star quilt
River Carroll, Omaha, Neb.-baby quilt
Albertha Schmid, MCC, Omaha, Neb.-jade pendant
Myron Mayberger, MCC, Omaha, Neb.-gourd bird house
Bruce Atkinson, Omaha, Neb.-Pendleton blanket
Michelle Madrigal, Omaha, Neb.-choker
Lynn Bradman, MCC, Omaha, Neb.-Pendleton blanket
Sheila O'Connor, MCC, Omaha, Neb.-beaded necklace

Douglas County Visitor Improvement Funds and the Nebraska Arts Council provided financial support for the powwow.

5th Annual Omaha Table Talk

The registration deadline is Oct. 1 for the 5th Annual Omaha Table Talk event scheduled for Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009. Register online at www.OmahaTableTalk.com. Omaha Table Talk will take place throughout Omaha and surrounding communities at homes and other designated sites. The purpose of Omaha Table Talk is to help improve race relations and increase the dialogue on issues impacting our community. This event is a way for people to learn about their neighbors and the challenges faced by other races and cultures. Trained facilitators will moderate the conversations around the table as participates share a meal together. Guests are asked to come with an open mind and a willingness to participate in this wonderful and sometimes powerful dialogue.  

MCC will participate as a location site for the community at the Fort Omaha and South Omaha campuses.  MCC students, staff and faculty are welcome to participate; however, MCC employees will be assigned to a non-MCC site so people can meet others from the community and share conversations.

For more information, contact A'Jamal Byndon, at (402) 561-7594 or abyndon@unomaha.edu.

Public Safety Job Opening at MCC

Public Safety Supervisor
Fort Omaha Campus

Supervises, schedules and prepares work assignments, maintains effective record keeping and completes required forms and reports. Patrols campus for physical security of building, equipment and projects. Responds to emergencies, alarms and disturbances and enforces traffic, crowd control, parking and smoking regulations. Assists the Director with preparing the annual budget.

Qualifications: Associate degree plus three years job-related experience required. Equivalent combination of education and/or work experience considered. Current certification or ability to be certified in CPR and First Aid. Current certification or ability to be certified in PPCT or similar defensive tactics program as determined by the Public Safety Director. A valid driver's license and insurability to operate College vehicles is required. Must be qualified to carry a firearm (minimum age 21) and other law enforcement tools as directed by Metropolitan Community College's Public Safety manual and in compliance with city, federal and state laws and guidelines.

Current hours are Monday-Friday, 3-11 p.m. at the Fort Omaha Campus and are subject to variation as scheduling needs dictate. Hiring process includes a background check. Official transcripts required at the time of hire. A completed application is required; cover letter, résumé and transcripts preferred. For guaranteed consideration, application materials must be received by Friday, Oct. 9, 2009.

Professional Development

Professional Development
Professional development training is available to MCC staff through Corporate Education & Training (CET). CET is offering workshops to address the areas ranked as the highest training priority by MCC employees. View the latest workshops online via CET's MCC Professional Development link on the CET homepage at www.mccneb.edu/cet/.

Register today for our October workshops and online courses!


Fast Defense Workshop
Fast defense is back! This scenario-based, self-defense empowerment seminar allows participants to experience the adrenaline rush of a real confrontation in a controlled environment supervised by trained professionals. Training involves a step-by-step process of developing skills and confidence through group dynamics with 'success in stress' conditioning. Participants will repeatedly use their skills to assess danger, set boundaries and respond effectively to verbal and physical aggression and are able to fully exercise their skills by delivering full-force strikes to mock assailants in specifically designed protective equipment.

Monday, Nov. 2, 6-9 p.m., SOC, ITC, Conference Center

Heartsaver First Aid CPR/AED
The Heartsaver First Aid course teaches rescuers to effectively identify and treat adult emergencies in the critical first minutes of injury or illness until emergency medical service personnel arrive. The course provides basic training solutions for first aid, adult CPR and AED actions. Upon completion of the course, participants will receive an American Heart Association certificate.

Friday, Oct. 9, 9 a.m.-1 p.m., SOC, ITC, Room 104

New Rules, New Tools: What Web 2.0 Really Means for You
A timely and valuable look at what LinkedIn, Twitter and blogging can mean for you and your work, and how to make sure that you are capitalizing on the potential of Web 2.0.

Friday, Oct. 9, 1-4 p.m., FOC, Bldg. 10, Room 124

CET's noncredit online courses are open to MCC staff as part of professional development training. More
than 150 online courses in the areas of business management, information technology, interpersonal skills, leadership and Command Spanish® are available. Register now! A new series of online courses begins Oct. 21 and is open for enrollment until Oct. 27. To learn more visit us at www.mccneb.edu/cet/. To register, email Adam Smith at asmith102@mccneb.edu.

Tuition waiver/remission is available for full-time employees/faculty and part-time regulars using the Employee Tuition Waiver Form. Part-time temp employees and adjunct faculty who want to register should contact their dean's office to arrange for the cost center to be billed the fee before registering. Deans should send cost center billing information to Adam Smith in FOC, Bldg. 5 or by email to asmith102@mccneb.edu so the adjunct faculty and part-time temp employees will not be billed personally. Reference the Employee and Dependent Tuition Waiver Procedures Memorandum for more information.

MCC Job Openings

For information about the College’s open positions and how to apply, visit www.mccneb.edu/hr or call the jobline at (402) 738-4050. Applications are also online at www.mccnebjobs.com.

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