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Inside Story for Friday, June 25, 2010

Team Walking Challenge a Huge Success

What happens when you challenge MCC employees? They step up and meet that challenge! Between April 1 and May 31, 36 teams comprised of nearly 250 employees walked an average 9,051 steps per day!  The Team Walking Challenge was a huge success based on the high participation rate and the positive feedback received from participants of this simple yet effective wellness activity.

Sixteen teams reached or exceeded the maximum goal of 10,000 steps per day and will receive a $10 gift card courtesy of Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Eleven teams averaged between 8,000-9,999 steps, five teams averaged between 6,000-7999 steps and three teams averaged between 1,000-3,000 steps per day.  The Mahoney Hot Mamas averaged 13,679 steps per day!  Their top stepper, Jane Franklin, walked 1,244,200 steps during the eight-week challenge.

TOP TEAM:  Mahoney Hot Mamas

Hot Mamas 

Back Row, L to R:  Jane Mulder, Connie Galvin, Jane Franklin
Front Row, L to R:  Jacquie Woods, Sally Collins, Susann Suprenant

Other participants with more than 1 million steps during the Team Walking Challenge include: Jonathan Jones, 1,850,404 steps; Jim Kuester, 1,433,521 steps; Karla Stoltenberg, 1,320,316 steps; Paul O'Brien, 1,123,581 steps; Dave Golda, 1,038,036 steps; Glen Ross, 1,019,494 steps; and Kathy Gearke, 1,011,966 steps.

As part of the wellness activity, participants wore pedometers everywhere they went during the eight-week timeframe and were encouraged to use an Activity Conversion Chart to convert other activities into steps, such as sports, dancing, gardening and even household chores.  Each week, team members submitted their Personal Weekly Tracking Form to their Team Captain, who then tabulated their team's average number of steps per day.

Said Humanities instructor Susan Healy, "I know I did way better in May than I did in April. I started running a half hour to one hour just about every day, so that bumped up my numbers big time. The experiment worked - I lost about 5 pounds! And it motivated me to get back to running. Yeah!  Thanks for doing this!"

Congratulations to all 36 teams and their participants for stepping up to the Eight-Week Team Walking Challenge! 

HR Puff-n-Stuff 
Puff n Stuff

L-R: JoAnne Whitmyre, Julie Nohrenberg, Carolyn Makary, Zenee Woodard, Karla Stoltenberg
Not pictured: Sue Clark

Country Club Cruisers 
Country club cruisers

 L-R: Tom McDonnell, Mr. T, Greeta Barrett, Brad Morrison, Mary Reasor, Elizabeth Townsend, Leslie Kwasnieski, The Cop, Mary Vogt, Linda Milton, Adam Dienst-Scott

The Babes
 the babes

L-R:  Andrea Adame, Tara Waln-Lewellyn, Evelia Gutierrez, Cheryl Frampton, Gabrielle Conley, Debbie Flower

Sole Stompers
sole stompers

Back Row, L-R:  Gary LaBreck, Chris Paulson, Shannon Snow, Michaela Krug, Sheila O'Connor, Craig LaFarr, Tiffany Hungerford
Front Row, L-R: Katie Wortmann, Krystal Overmyer, Brooke LaFarr

Wonder Walkers
Wonder Walkers

L to R:  Laura McMullan, Andrea Padilla, Robin Perkins, Jan Vierk, Mary Jo Scott, Caroline Barnes, Tom Dickerson
Not pictured: Carol Moore, Deb Eppenbaugh, Deb Mickeliunas

High Steppers
 High Steppers

L to R:  Ken Jones, Sue Raftery, Diane Good-Collins, Tom Pensabene
Not Pictured:  Deb Holst and Stefanie Emrich

Happy Hoofers
Happy Hoofers 

L to R:  Sarah Murphy, Melinda Pitt, Nancy Canales, Martha Moseman, Dani Murphy, Denise Botten
Not Pictured: Kandyce Arnold

Happy Hoofers - Continued 
Happy Hoofers 2

L to R: Dick Rasmussen, Sandy Wiebold, Ashley Carey

Yes We Can and Will 
Yes We Can

Back Row, L to R:  Robert Ligon, Glenda Smith, Dan Bartek
Front Row, L to R:  Lavette Robinson, Melinda Classen, Robin Hixson, Char West
Not Pictured:  Gretchen Schaeffer, Stephanie Deters, Theresa Walker

South Omaha Step by Step Walkers 
Step by Step

L to R:  Doug Watson, Yvonne Wayne, Joseph Schmidt, Kelli Stokes
Not Pictured:  Marty Martinez, Kyran Connor, Jim Marx

SOC It To Em's
Soc it to ems

L to R:  Stephanie McGowan, Ayanna Boykins, Gina York, JoAnne Gast, Terry Casey, Linda Gray, Rae Lynn Frogge, Linda Chandler, Marsha Reed
Not Pictured:  MaryAnn Lenagh 

Sole Mates
 Sole Mates

Back Row, L to R: Joyce Mortensen, Evelyn Melhorn, Tamara Schutt, Wanda Marsh, Terry Doyle, Jolynn Emery
Front Row, L to R: Norma Morehouse, Arlene Jordan, Teresa Ramirez-Cherko, Colleen Hernandez

Step Sistas
Step Sisters

L to R: Vicki Spilker, Ernestine Crossley
Not pictured:  Pattie Keithley and Jeannie  Plambeck

Rigorous Racers
Rigorous Racers

Back Row, L to R: Mary Rosenthal, Gary Griffin, Kyle Kinney, Connie Eichhorn, Peggy Swanson
Front Row, L to R: Dave Ho, Sally Swanger, Pat Addison, Ruth Schindler, Shanda Clark

Walking Stiffs
walking stiffs

Back Row, L to R:  Lori Sarandrea-Hill, Kathy Barrett, Tyisha Wagner
Middle Row, L to R: Cindy Hawkswell, Peggy Simet, Amy Schieffer , Joy Wineinger
Front Row: Gary Kucera


Teams with Average 10,000+ Steps per Day:  $10 Gift Card Recipients



Average Steps

Team Members

Mahoney Hot Mamas


Connie Galvin, Jane Mulder, Jane Franklin, Sally Collins, Susann Suprenant, Jacquie Woods*

High Steppers


Diane Good Collins, Ken Jones, Tom Pensabene, Stefanie Emrich, Deb Holst, Sue Raftery*

12 Steps Program


Kathy Gearke, Adam O'Brien, Kim Schuchmann, Lisa Richards, Eileen McKinstra, John McKinstra, Jim Kuester*

And Two From South


Bob Maass, Paul O'Brien, Katie Twit, Mark Winheim, Amy Forss, Dave Golda, Jeanne Hansen, Jim Revoy, Edie Sample, Glen Ross*

We Like to Move It, Move It


Jodie Snider, Pauline Fouraker, Craig Carlson, Karen Turco, Lonnie Lentsch, Scott Dorothy, LeAnn Stover*

Country Club Cruisers


Leslie Kwasnieski, Linda "the Mad Gardener" Milton, Brad Morrison, Mary Reasor, Mary Vogt, Elizabeth Townsend, Adam Dienst-Scott, Greeta Barrett, Tom McDonnell*

The Babes


Evelia Gutierrez, Andrea Adame, Tara Waln-Lewellyn, Teresa Colley-Daniel, Debbie Flower*

Wicked Walker of the West


Susan Healy

Boys of Company C--Sheepdogs


Dave Bell, John Click, Mike Maxon, Tom Shramek, Em Bashus*

Walking Stiffs


Kathy Barrett, Cindy Hawkswell, Lori Sarandrea, Amy Schieffer, Peggy Simet, Tyisha Wagner, Joy Wineinger, Gary Kucera*

Sole Stompers


Gary LaBreck, Craig LaFarr, Brooke LaFarr, Michaela Krug, Tiffany Hungerford, Katie Wortmann, Krystal Overmyer, Chris Paulson, Shannon Snow, Sheila O'Connor*

Rigorous Racers


Dave Ho, Sally Swanger, Connie Eichhorn, Peggy Swanson, Pat Addison, Mary Rosenthal, Kyle Kinney, Gary Griffin, Shanda Clark, Ruth Schindler*

Happy Hoofers


Dani Murphy, Dick Rasmussen, Kandyce Arnold, Sandy Wielbold, Sarah Murphy, Nancy Canales, Martha Moseman, Ashley Carey, Melinda Pitt, Denise Botten*

Hot to Trot


Michelle Rainey, Tim Bowling, Rick Sandvig, Pat McKibbin, Don Gilliland, Luke Klingbeil, Rich Newcomer, Sharon Smith*

Getting Fit


Gail Johnson, Jenny Rose, Daniel Sanders, Bernadine Cutsor*

Wii Not Fit


Clifton Pee, Dave Nielsen, Brook Cantell, Casey Chytka, Burt Cantell*

Wonder Walkers


Robin Perkins, Mary Jo Scott, Jan Vierk, Carol Moore, Tom Dickerson, Caroline Barnes, Andrea Padilla, Deb Mickeliunas, Deb Eppenbaugh, Laura McMullan*



Teams with Average 8000-9999 Steps per Day:  Water Bottle Recipients



Average Steps

Team Members

Sister Jane & the CONverts II


Karen Fowler, Steve Lovett, Lisa Novak, Teri Quick, Katie Stahlnecker, Jean Templeton

Sister Jane & the CONverts I


Cindy Catherwood, Georgia Culliver, Jonathan Jones, Chad Jorgensen, Andrea Lang, Rebecca Orsini, Jane Smith*

Team Green


Fallon Parks, Rhonda Carlson, Marian Kraft, Kathy Collier, Roberta O'Neill, Laura Thayer-Mencke*

HR Puff 'n Stuff


Julie Nohrenberg, Sue Clark, Zenee Woodard, JoAnne Whitmyre, Carolyn Makary, Karla Stoltenberg*

The Meanderers


Darlene Richardson, Charlie Cogar, Curtis Bryant, Rob Schaecher, Kevin Lawler, Jeff DeJong, Wally Luksa, Mary Glasebrook, Jacob Link*



Nick Behrens, Julie Knickrehm, Naomi Greelis-Mattos, Jennifer Ingraham*

Sole Mates


Arlene Jordan, Jolynn Emery, Evelyn Melhorn, Joyce Mortensen, Norma Morehouse, Wanda Marsh, Terry Doyle, Tami Schutt, Teresa Ramirez-Cherko, Colleen Hernandez*

Trekking Terps


Missy Throckmorton, Chris Lafinhan, Bethany Koubsky, Tiffany Fuller, Trish Franck, Becky Holman, Gretchen Whitney, Dawn Canning, Tina Work

SOC Step by Step Walkers


Kyran Connor, Marty Martinez, Jim Marx, Joseph Schmidt, Kelli Stokes, Yvonne Wayne, Doug Watson*

Yes We Can and Will


Dan Bartek, Stephanie Deters, Robert Ligon, Robin Hixon, Lavette Robinson, Gretchen Schaeffer, Glenda Smith, Theresa Walker, Char West, Melinda Classen*

The One-Ten Wanna Be's


Marianne Roarty, Pam McCloskey, Patricia Conrad, Frank Weidenfeller, Mark Church, Marcia Molle*


Teams with Average 6000-7999 Steps Per Day:  Husker Calendar Recipients



Average Steps

Team Members

Foot Loose and Fat Free


Kyle Van Dusen, Jennie Tullos, Jeanetta Jones, Queen Tucker, Darin Jensen, Helen Fountain, Richard Carter, Bridget Murphy*

Wacky Wacka Wacka's


Val Smith, Juli Bohnenkamp, Ramona Perkins, Diane Vaughn, Becky Mooss, Shirl Pankey-Butler, Carmen Boston, Zsa-Nate Kirke, Karen Rodgers*

Walking to Fitness


Judy Armstrong, Bill Owen, Connie Vaneske, Lyle Hendrickson, Bob Boyer, Daniel Lawse*

Fantastic 5!


Jody Boyles, Barbie Kantor, Kevin Throne, Antonio Tiller, Lynn Smith*

Walk 'n Talks


Adam Smith, Cheri Vossberg, Deanne Amato, Marilyn Cotten*


Teams with Average 1000-3000 Steps per Day



Average Steps

Team Members

Step Sistas


Patti Keithley, Jeannie Plambeck, Ernestine Crossley, Vicki Spilker*

SOC It To 'Ems


Terry Casey, Rae Lynn Frogge, Melissa Gray, Stephanie McGowan, Ayanna Boykins, Gina York, JoAnne Gast, Marsha Reed*

TRIO Steppers


Tammy Tyson, Phyllis Brown, Kathy Trotter, Kathy Casper, Delores Galloway, Ehite Allison, Debbie LaHoda*

 *Team Captain

Information on Copyrighted Materials

To comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA), Metropolitan Community College must provide you with information about illegal distribution of copyrighted materials and the penalties for such activity.

Metropolitan Community College intends that everyone at the College adhere to the provisions of the United States Copyright Act. The College does not tolerate the illegal use or reproduction of copyrighted materials in any form.

Copyrighted materials may include

  • articles, books and other texts in paper and electronic form
  • photos, images
  • sculpture, architecture
  • music, movies, television shows
  • games, software and other media materials.

Under Fair Use Guidelines, portions of some copyrighted materials may be used briefly within an academic term for educational purposes, such as to complete assignments. However, they may not be free to copy or keep indefinitely without payment, license and/or permission from the copyright holder. To do so may be a copyright infringement.

Illegal peer to peer (P2P) file sharing of copyrighted material on college networks is a focus of the Higher Education Opportunity Act. This file sharing includes uploading, downloading, reproducing and distributing music, movies and TV shows. MCC wants you to be aware that to curb such activities, our networks use bandwidth shaping and traffic monitoring devices to both track and limit high bandwidth users.

Students who willfully disregard the MCC copyright policy may be in violation of the Academic Honesty policy, the Student Code of Conduct, Procedures Memoranda V-4 on Student Conduct and Discipline and PM X-15 on Acceptable Use of Information Technology and Resources. Violators may be subject not only to sanctions and disciplinary action from the College, but also to civil and criminal penalties.

To avoid copyright violations

  • Do not copy and paste large blocks of unattributed text into assignments, including papers, presentations and websites. Document your work using quotes, paraphrases and/or summaries with proper notes and bibliographies.
  • Do not burn and distribute copies of music, movies or other media you have purchased.
  • Do not share copyrighted files, media or software through P2P technology without proper authorization from the copyright holder.

MCC recommends that if you would like to obtain and keep a copyrighted item, you should verify that it is free to use, or you should purchase your own copy from a legitimate vendor. Each item must be evaluated individually to determine copyright status and acceptable use. If you are in doubt about an item, assume that it is copyrighted until you can verify otherwise.

For more information on copyright, visit the MCC library website at www.mccneb.edu/library or ask a library staff person.

MCC Fourth Annual Assessment Academy: June 16-18, 2010

The purpose of the Annual Summer Assessment Academy is to provide time and extra compensation for faculty groups or teams to work on assessment projects. Generally, projects are designed to improve a program's or a department's outcomes assessment measures and/or assessment implementation plans and must include a plan for curriculum improvement.

The 2010 projects were completed during a three-day work session June 16-18. The event culminated in an afternoon report from all attendees. Teams of two to five faculty members from any program or department at the College were eligible to apply to the Fourth Annual Outcomes Assessment Academy. A completed application was submitted in late spring, and awards were made by the end of Spring term.

Preference is always given to applications from new teams; however, all previous teams are encouraged to apply. Consideration is afforded to projects that included revisions or re-designs of current assessment plans in as much as the revisions represent new or innovative practices for programs or departments.

Academy Attendees:  2010 Fourth Annual Assessment Academy Reading
Diane Hocevar                  
Teri Quick                                           
Kathy Rieken-Thurber  
Melissa Zimmer

Human Relations
Nancy Conrad                                   
Jill Ramet                                                                            
Deb Holst                                                                           
Gary Toth                           

Early Childhood Education
Elizabeth Brewer
Kathy Halverson-Rigatuso
Mary Leidy 

English-as-a-Second Language
Gail Baker                           
Ed Pfeffer
Naomi Mardock 

Utility Line
Rich Newcomer
Tim Bowling

Diesel Technology
Luke Klingbeil
Dave Labs
Don Gilliland 

Social Sciences 1
Jessica Kunz                                      
Mary Ball                                            
James Van Arsdall

Social Sciences 2
Jennifer Fauchier
Lynn Bradman (facilitator)

Frank Edler
Cindy Catherwood
Georgia Culliver
Andrea Lang
Mary Umberger

Social Science/History
Amy Forss
Brenda Reed
Bonnie Fitzgerald 

Peggy Burnett                                                  
Kris Fulkerson   
Chad Jorgensen                                               
Pat Smith

ICA Sage Students Host Farmers Market Cooking Demos

Cooking demos

Each Saturday, MCC students in the Sage Student Bistro class meet outdoors at the Village Pointe Farmers Market. Students meet with growers, shop the market and brainstorm menu ideas for the cooking demos. The class hosts a student-led discussion on various topics that is open to the public.

By visiting the market, we hope to teach our budding chefs where food comes from and how it is produced. Goals are to:

  • Better understand what it means to use ingredients that are fresh, in season and locally grown
  • Understand sustainability and where food comes from
  • Establish relationships with local growers

Students will be at the market on Saturdays for the duration of Summer quarter. View photos and a recipe.

Grainger Corporation Surprises Dean with $5,000 gift

Grainger corps

On June 22, facilities management company Grainger Corporation surprised MCC's Dean of Applied Technology with a $5,000 check.

Kent Maguire, Grainger's Omaha Branch Manager, and Nicole Rodgers, Market Sales Coordinator, decided to financially support MCC after hearing of several MCC projects.

Bill Owen, Dean of Applied Technology, said Maguire called Welding faculty member Chris Beatty a few weeks ago, who connected him with Owen. Owen and Maguire had a brief phone conversation. "I told Kent [Maguire] about the great projects that have been accomplished through Dave Horst's leadership in Service-Learning and especially MCC Cares," Owen said.

Maguire said he thought this sounded like a great opportunity for his company to show its support for the technical trades and the community. Last Tuesday, Maguire and Rodgers surprised Owen at the South Omaha Campus with a check for $5,000 from the Grainger Foundation to the MCC Foundation.  "'Wow,' was about all I could think to say-and, of course, 'thanks!'" Owen said.

Remarking on Grainger's generous gift, Pat Crisler, Executive Director of the MCC Foundation, noted that "our community supports programs that make a difference. MCC Cares blends technical skill-building with community service - a combination that leads to life-changing assistance for elderly residents and to partnerships like the one with the Grainger Foundation."

College-wide Auction Set for August

The College-wide Auction has been set for Saturday, Aug. 7, at FOC Bldg. 25. Now is the time to look at any of your unwanted items to send to Central Stores for the College-wide Auction.

How to contribute items:

  1. Fill out the Move, turn in, transfer of non microcomputer equipment form that can be found in the Forms Bank.
  2. Send that form to Central Stores, which will schedule a time to pick up the items.
  3. For questions, contact Bob Barnes at 457-2777 or Central Stores at 457-2300.

Heart of Metro Nominations Open

Do you work with a colleague who you feel consistently demonstrates a positive attitude, leads change, fosters an inclusive workplace, works smart, respects diversity and is service-centered?  If so, nominate him or her for the Heart of Metro Award.  Nominations are being accepted through Friday, July 16. The nomination form is online at www.mccneb.edu/facultyandstaff/awards/heartofmetro.

Questions? Contact Kay Friesen (kfriesen@mccneb.edu or 457-2878.

Nominate Students for Leadership Conference

The Service-Learning Office seeks outstanding student leaders to attend MCC's first Student Leadership Conference, Sept. 1, 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. at FOC. The conference, Envision-Engage-Lead-Serve, will include multiple speakers and breakout sessions on topics including entrepreneurship, community action, service-learning, career-seeking skills, overcoming life obstacles and international issues.

Students will be invited to the event based on faculty and staff nominations. Nominate outstanding student leaders by Friday, July 9, by emailing Elizabeth McPhail, eamcphail1@mccneb.edu, making sure to include the student's name and ID number.

For more information, contact Elizabeth McPhail or Penny Boykins in the Service-Learning Office, 457-2608.

Book Discussion: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

The Diversity Matters Book Series continues this summer with a discussion of Mary Ann Shaffer's The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society on Thursday, July 8, noon-1 p.m. at the Elkhorn Valley Campus. Set during the peak of World War II, this novel tells the story of the island of Guernsey during the German occupation and embodies warmth, friendship and the best of the human spirit.

Weekly Green Tip

Use bars of soap versus liquid wash. It's less expensive, and it saves packaging waste. The average bar of soap lasts for about twenty showers, whereas a sixteen-ounce bottle of body wash lasts for an average of eighty showers. But body wash costs on average more than four times as much as soap. If every U.S. household replaced a bottle of body wash with a bar of soap, roughly 2.5 million pounds of plastic containers could be diverted from the waste stream.

MCC in the News

'Program Offers High School Dropouts Path to Diploma,' June 21, KIOS radio

'Metro Guards Get Police Powers,' June 23, Omaha World-Herald

HR Updates

New Employees

April Herrley        Testing Technician
EVC                      289-1279

Shannon Snow    Executive Vice President's Project Coordinator
FOC #30               457-2617

Sally Collins        ARC Educational Specialist             SOC-CON             738-4010

Separations                     Last Day
Kay Hassing                     June 18, 2010

From the Board of Govenors

High school students statewide accumulated more than 21,500 total credit hours in 2009 according to an update on secondary partnerships given to the MCC Board of Governors at its June 22 meeting.

Connie Eichhorn, Coordinator of Secondary Partnerships, described MCC's initiatives to bring college credit opportunities to high school students.

"Earning college credits in high school offers students a number of positives," Eichhorn said. "Entering college with credits, while not only a cost savings, gives students a headstart on their college career and offers career exploration opportunities."

The CollegeNOW! program provides an opportunity for Nebraska high school students to jumpstart their college education by earning college credits at half-price tuition. Unduplicated headcount for the program was 1,136 in 2009.

Career Academies allow high school students to explore various careers by splitting their time between their high school and an MCC location. Unduplicated headcount for this program was 364 in 2009.

Through Dual Enrollment, high school students can earn college and high school credit at the same time for some classes. Unduplicated headcount for this program was 1,625 in 2009.

Gateway to College is a new program offered through collaboration with Omaha Public Schools and the Gateway National Network. The program offers high school dropouts a path to a diploma while also simultaneously earning college credits. The first cohort of students enters the program this fall.

Additional opportunities in Secondary Partnerships include summer teacher internships, Perkins Career and Technical Education Grant activities, presentations at high schools, dual enrollment agreements and online IT career academies.

The Board of Governors also approved the promotion and sale of "Gifts of Learning," gift certificates available in any dollar amount that may be applied to a student's account.

The following agenda items were also approved:

  • Minutes of the May 25, 2010, Board of Governors meeting
  • Authorization of the President to continue to operate the College until the 2010-11 budget is approved. What this means to the College is that we continue to operate on an ongoing basis until the final budget is approved in September.
  • Establishment of sworn law enforcement agency. This authorizes the President to establish a sworn law enforcement agency, subject to all applicable laws, and to employ both sworn law enforcement and non-sworn security personnel.
  •  Approval of Tuition and Fee Schedule for 2010-11.
    Tuition rates for 2010-11
    Nebraska Residents
    Standard tuition                                                  $48.00
    Persons 62 years of age or older                          $24.00
    CollegeNOW! high school students                        $24.00
    Afternoon reduced rate*                                     $33.60

    Non-Nebraska Residents
    Standard tuition                                                  $71.50
    Persons 62 years of age or older                         $35.75
    Afternoon reduced rate*                                     $50.00

    The facility fee is $5 per credit hour.

    *A reduced rate is available during the Fall, Winter and Spring quarters for on-campus classes held Monday-Friday and starting between 3 and 4 p.m.

MCC Job Openings

For information about the College's open positions and how to apply, visit www.mccneb.edu/hr or call the jobline at (402) 738-4050. Applications are also online at www.mccnebjobs.com.

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