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Inside Story for Monday, March 14, 2011

Mission Achievement Plan: Why Your Input Matters

As an employee, you have unique insights to share with your cost center manager on what priorities and budget items should be considered in MCC's 2011-12 fiscal year mission achievement plan (MAP). Budget requests will primarily be entered during the month of April so convey your ideas sooner rather than later.

What It Is, Part 2: Cost Centers, Areas and the MAP
MCC's MAP is comprised of several planning documents, including foundational statements (mission statement, overall strategies and primary priorities), the Executive Summary MAP, Area and Cost Center MAPs, the Facilities Master Plan and the budget. Last week, we learned about the most local MAP, the Cost Center MAP. This week, we will talk about Area MAPs.

All cost centers are grouped into various areas; an "area" is a subgroup of an administrative "division." To summarize another way, a division is the highest organizational level. Each division has an area or areas beneath it, and each area is made up of a cost center or cost centers.

MAP organization

An Area MAP summarizes the plans and budget requests of the cost centers that belong to that area.

Employees can view all levels of MAPs online. The link to Area and Cost Center MAPs is www.mccneb.edu/CCAMAP/view/. Note that the Area and Cost Center MAPs were often labeled budget presentation forms or budget presentation reports in the past.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more about the other parts of MCC's mission achievement plan.

MCC Emerging Leaders Survey Results

In last week's Inside Story, MCC announced the establishment of a networking group for MCC's emerging leaders and asked for members of the MCC community to complete a survey providing suggestions for what to call the group and what activities and events the group should pursue. We are starting to receive the results of the survey, and the feedback is informative. For example, we learned there is a strong interest in training and development as well as recreation and wellness. 

The Steering Committee, composed of one representative from each location, will share the full results of the survey at the large group meeting in April where we will use the information to further discuss the vision and mission of this dynamic group.

If you are interested in helping to name the group and/or provide feedback regarding events and activities, there is still time. The survey is active until March 20. Complete the survey by clicking here.  If you are interested in joining this group or simply in getting additional information, contact one of the Steering Committee Members: Ayanna Boykins, Melissa Christiansen, Melinda Pitt, Michelle Rainey, Michelle Rerucha, Kim Schuchmann, Shannon Snow or Greg Stachon. We look forward to hearing from you!

Survey Link: www.quia.com/sv/509310.html.

Academic Council Election

It is time for the adjunct faculty to vote for a second representative to the Academic Council.  The Academic Council is composed of faculty and deans to address issues related to teaching and learning.

  • Online voting will be available from 8 a.m. Tuesday, March 15 until 5 p.m. Monday, March 21.
  • The candidates are . . .
    • Adam Dienst-Scott, Photography
    • Jeff Boots, Electrical Apprenticeship
  • You may access a short bio of the candidates on the adjunct faculty website at www.mccneb.edu/adjunct/academiccouncilelection.asp.
  • To vote, click on this link once the voting booth opens, www.mccneb.edu/votesecureacadcouncil/.  You will need to log-in, and, of course, you may only vote once.

The newly elected representative will be seated at the April 15 Academic Council meeting.

Training and Development Workshops

Enhance your work skills by participating in Training and Development workshops. These workshops are offered at no cost to you or your respective cost center. To enroll, go to WebAdvisor or call (402) 457-2400. All listed workshops are noncredit.

Brown Bag Workshop: MCC's New Advising and Enrollment Model
Monthly Brown Bag Workshops are designed to give you an opportunity to meet and mingle with other employees, enjoy your home-packed lunch and learn more about the inner workings of the College.

Dr. Arthur Rich, Vice President for Campuses and Student Affairs, invites you to join him as he shares about MCC's Advising and Enrollment Model (AEM). The AEM has been developed to ensure our students have the resources they need to begin, persist and achieve their educational goals.

Intended audience: all employees

TRDV 045N 01 (synonym 174907)
Wednesday, March 30, noon-1 p.m.
FOC 21, Room 105

Technology Training
Excel Features, Advanced
Join this workshop to learn, brush-up on or practice the following Excel features: tables, pivot tables, data sorting, filtering outlining and recording and running and editing macros. The instructor is Bonnie Nelson, a veteran MCC adjunct faculty member.

Intended audience: all employees

TRDV 011N 01 (synonym 175412)
Tuesday, March 29, 8:30-11:30 a.m.
FOC 8, Room 206

SharePoint 2007: Building a Site
This workshop is designed to provide you with an understanding of what SharePoint is and what it is capable of doing. Instruction will include how to get started using SharePoint in your daily work environment as well as provide you with the knowledge of how to:

  • Request a site
  • Manage a site and site permissions
  • Ensure site security (document)
  • Set up sub-sites and mapping the sites

Instructor: Ruthanne Grimsley

Intended audience: all employees

TRDV 046N 01 (synonym 175433)
Friday, March 25, 8:30-11:30 a.m.
SRP, Room 222

SharePoint 2007: Working with Web Content
Do you want to advance your SharePoint skills? This workshop is designed to provide you with the knowledge of how to:

  • Integrate a shared calendar to Outlook and access the calendar from the web
  • Map site document libraries as drives so you can have mobile access to required documents
  • Create web-based forms

Instructor: Ruthanne Grimsley

Intended audience: all employees

TRDV 047N 01 (synonym 175434)
Friday, April 1, 8:30-11:30 a.m.
SRP, Room 222

Note: Attending an activity during your scheduled work hours requires supervisor approval. It is your responsibility to obtain approval to attend a Training and Development event.

To enroll, go to WebAdvisor or call (402) 457-2400. All listed workshops are noncredit.

For further information contact:
Marilyn Cotten
Coordinator, Training & Development
FOC 4, (402) 457-2507, mcotten@mccneb.edu

Student Organization Fair Showcases MCC Activities

MCC offers a diversity of student life activities, from honor societies to volunteering to academic clubs. Encourage your students to see them all in one place at the Student Organization Fair.

Check it out at these times and locations:

  • Fort Omaha Campus, Bldg. 10: Monday, March 14, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • Elkhorn Valley Campus: Wednesday, March 16, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
  • South Omaha Campus, Connector: Monday, March 21, 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

From Baa to Eye Debuts at Gallery of Art and Design

Yinghua Zhu, art instructor at the University of Nebraska­-Lincoln and a former Bemis artist-in-residence, will present From Baa to Eye at the Elkhorn Valley Campus Gallery of Art and Design March 9-April 15 with an artist reception March 17 at 4 p.m.

From Baa to Eye
March 9-April 15, artist reception March 17 at 4 p.m.
Gallery of Art and Design, Elkhorn Valley Campus
Gallery Hours: Monday-Wednesday, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.; Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

In a single installation piece that encompasses the entire gallery, Zhu addresses language barriers from her own experiences and perspective as an immigrant and non-native English speaker.

INFO Instructor Promoted in Air National Guard

Gary Sparks
The Air Force rank of Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt) was established by an act of Congress in 1958 that created the two top enlisted ranks of Senior Master Sergeant (SMSgt) and CMSgt. Only one percent of the enlisted force reaches the rank of CMSgt, and in the Nebraska Air National Guard, that means there are about 21 CMSgts out of a force of close to 1,000.

INFO instructor Gary Sparks was recently promoted to the rank of CMSgt (addressed as Chief) in the Nebraska Air National Guard. The formal ceremony was conducted on March 6 at the Joint Force Headquarters in Lincoln and presided over by the Assistant Adjutant General, Air, Brigadier General Daryl Bohac. His chevrons were pinned on by his wife Debra and retired CMSgt Donald Bradley. In Chief Sparks' new duties, he is responsible for professional development programs to enhance and improve leadership and mentoring, advise the Adjutant General on diversity and assist in workplace climate analysis.

At MCC, Sparks coordinates the annual Veterans Day Ceremony and emcees the event. His efforts were recognized by the National Guard by awarding him the Meritorious Service Medal (MSM).

Free Workshops Address Local Food Systems, Stormwater Management

Through free Training and Development workshops, MCC's Office of Sustainable Practice is offering MCC staff the opportunity to learn about how sustainability fits into our lives. Staff and faculty can register for the following workshops at (402) 457-5231.

Stormwater Management - IFEX 003N 019

Stormwater runoff often collects pollutants from fertilizers, pesticides and other harmful chemicals and debris on its way to rivers and streams, resulting in health concerns for plants, animals, fish and humans alike. Join us and learn what runoff is, why it poses a hazard and what you can do to prevent it.

Wednesday, March 23
1-4 p.m.
Fort Omaha Campus, Institute for the Culinary Arts, Room 201E-F

Local Food Systems - IFEX 004N 01

Most supermarket produce travels thousands of miles before purchased by consumers, hence the 3,000-mile salad. In this workshop, Shannon Moncure from the Nebraska Food Cooperative will explain the specifics of food systems, how they work and why they are important. Join us and explore the local production, processing, distribution and consumption of food in Omaha.

Tuesday, April 5
1-5 p.m.
Fort Omaha Campus, Institute for the Culinary Arts, Room 201E-F

Register for these workshops now at (402) 457-5231.

New Employees

Christine Beckman
Christine Beckman
Financial Aid Specialist                    FOC 30     (402) 457-2752

Louis Cobb
Louis Cobb
Custodian                                      SOC         (402) 738-4507

Alan Cox
Alan Cox
Automotive Technology Instructor   SOC MAH  (402) 738-4691

Brian Meints
Brian Meints
Financial Aid Specialist                   SOC CON  (402) 738-4615

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