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Inside Story for Monday, June 13, 2011

MCC Offers Housing for Employees Affected by Flooding

With reports of floodwaters making low-lying roads impassable and possibly displacing local residents from their homes, the College is preparing for the effects flooding could have on College employees and the continuity of College operations.

In the event that College employees are either displaced from or lose access to their homes, the College is prepared to make limited, short-term housing on the Fort Omaha Campus available to full-time and part-time regular employees on an as-needed first-come, first-served basis. A daily rate of $10 will be charged for the use of the temporary housing, and full-time and part-time regular employees will be eligible to use this option for up to 30 days.

Eligible employees who may need to access this option should contact Kay Friesen at kfriesen@mccneb.edu or (402-) 457-2878.

Road Construction Near Applied Technology Center

The Irvington Road/State Street intersection will be closed for two weeks beginning today. Staff and students will have access to the parking lots by traveling west on State St. from 96th St. During the second week of the project, no one will have access to the east parking lot. ATC will work with Public Safety for alternate parking inside the ATC yard if the west lot becomes full. Keep the visitor parking stall open for visitors.

The alternate route to the ATC will be Ida Street to Irvington Road, then 96th Street to State St., then west on State Street to the ATC. Detour signs will be posted.

Those bicycling from Walmart may want to consider traveling Ida Street to Irvington Road and then entering across the grass on the south side of the east parking lot. The alternate route listed above for vehicles would be a tough workout for bicyclists.

Getting to Know You Networking Activity

Visit the ATC and the WCC (Washington County Technology Center in Blair) June 30, 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and learn about MCC and the career programs located at the centers. Network with fellow employees and participate in building teamwork.

Participants will board a bus at the Fort Omaha Campus at 8:30 a.m. and will return at 1 p.m. Board the bus at the west entrance of the Mule Barn, Bldg. 21.

8:30 a.m.- Fort Omaha Campus

9 a.m.- Applied Technology Center

11:30 a.m.-WCC (lunch provided)

1 p.m.- Fort Omaha Campus

Forty openings are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Register for this activity by using course # TRDV 078N01 (synonym 177635). Be sure to check with your supervisor before signing up.

Networking activity leaders: Bob Barnes, Marilyn Cotten, Tamara Fisher, Robin Hixson, Connie Vaneske, Rich Newcomer and Albertha Schmid.

This activity is being sponsored by the PWE team.

Appreciation from Paul Evans

Thank you! My wife Ginny and I very much enjoyed the retirement gathering at the General Crook House. I'll enjoy the plantings I'll get with the gift card and remember all of you well-wishers. Undoubtedly I'll see many of you on visits back to Metro. Meanwhile, as other retirees have said, I'll be enjoying grandchildren, hobbies and volunteering. -- Paul Evans

2011 MCC Golf Scramble Winners

The report is in: a total of 16 teams played in this year's golf outing. MCC and Bellevue University donated prizes for the players with additional cash to boost the net proceeds. In total, $2,332.36 was donated to SkillsUSA through the Foundation.

First Place went to Russ Lane, Mike Warner, Craig Erwin and Ken Grzywa with a low net score of 57.

Congratulations to individual winners:

-           Hole 2 - Closest to Pin from Tee - Tony Sorrentino

-           Hole 6 - Longest Drive in Fairway (Men) - Chuck Woods

-           Hole 9 - Longest Putt Holed - Gary Peterson

-           Hole 11 - Longest Drive in Fairway (Women) - Kelley Rosburg

-           Hole 14 - Closest to Pin from Off Green - Bill Pulte

-           Hole 18 - Longest Drive in Fairway - Jesse Harpenau

Save the date for next year's Golf Scramble: June 1, 2012, at Pacific Springs Golf Course.

Training & Development Workshops

No need to put your professional development on hold during the summer. Check the Training and Development website regularly for skill enhancement opportunities.

Work and Life: Managing the Delicate Balance

Get up...feed and walk the dog...wake the kids and get them off to school...put in a full day at work...pick up the kids from soccer practice...come home...microwave dinner...clean up...help the kids with their homework...catch up on some laundry...walk the dog (again)...spend a few minutes with your spouse before you both tumble into unconsciousness. If this resembles a typical day for you, then welcome to 21st century America.

Maintaining one's health and sanity in these trying times depends on delicately balancing the competing demands of home and work. It's not easy, but this light-hearted program helps you to challenge yourself to (a) define what is important to you, (b) identify and accept your limitations and (c) utilize your resources for maximum effectiveness.

Feel free to bring your lunch to this workshop-a microwave is available.

Facilitator: Caren Houlton LCSW, Consultant, Best Care EAP

TRDV 080N 01 (Synonym 177763)

Tuesday, June 28

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

FOC 21, Room 105

To enroll, go to WebAdvisor or call (402) 457-8518.

A summer series has been developed to help you select, work toward and maintain healthy lifestyle choices. Amanda Jochum, Hy-Vee Registered Dietitian and Trained Wellness Coach, will facilitate the following workshops. Bring your lunch and learn tips for a healthier you.

•             Healthy Eating on the Go

•             Summer Cooking and Nutrition

•             Eat Well, Exercise Well

•             Eating to Lose Weight and Maintain Your Healthy Weight

Visit Training and Development for complete information.

Note: Attending an activity during your scheduled work hours requires supervisor approval. It is your responsibility to obtain approval to attend a Training and Development event.

For further information, contact: Marilyn Cotten, Coordinator, Training and Development, (402) 457-2507 or mcotten@mccneb.edu.

Save the Date: Annual College Auction

The annual College auction has been set for Saturday, Aug. 6, 2011, at 9 a.m. at the Fort Omaha Campus, Bldg. 25. If you have any College items that you need to place on the auction, fill out the Move Transfer of Non Micro computer form located on the Forms Bank. If you have any questions, email Bob Barnes at rbarnes@mccneb.edu or call (402) 457-2777 or (402) 457-2300.

MCC to Host Health Fair for Bi-National Health Week

MCC was awarded $500 for the 2011 Bi-National Health Week (Oct. 4-8) from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services-Region VII Office of Minority Health. Led by the Mexican Consulate of Omaha and in partnership with various community agencies (including One World Health Centers, Alegent Health, UNMC and ConAgra), the Health Fair events will be hosted by MCC at the South Omaha Campus on Saturday, Oct. 8, 9 a.m.-4 p.m. The Bi-National Health Week is an annual week of health education and screenings for underserved Latino communities with the purpose of improving health awareness and literacy. Funds will help cover MCC's costs for supplies and materials needed to provide health education and screenings. This event is free and open to the public.

Air Conditioning Basics

During these hotter months, these tips on checking up on your car's air conditioning can help you determine if your system is working correctly.

To get an idea if your car's A/C system is performing as designed, complete some basic checks on your own with a small dial temperature gauge. Performance of the A/C system depends on a few factors, and some variances in temperature can be expected. You can determine whether the A/C system is functioning as designed or whether something is amiss by considering the following:

  1. The temperature output of the air in the center duct varies with engine speed. There are only two speeds to consider when diagnosing: stop-and-go traffic and highway speeds. With stop-and-go traffic, the air temperature of the center duct will range from 45 to 55 degrees. With highway speeds, the temperature will be more stable, between 40 to 45 degrees. So, if the temperature of the air coming out of the center duct is above 45 degrees, the system needs to be checked.
  2. As ambient air temperatures increase and as the car gets more direct sun light, the air coming out of the center duct will also increase in temperature. On a day when ambient air reaches 110 degrees, it is normal for the temperature of the air inside your car to be warmer than normal.
  3. The third variable is humidity, which is a huge factor that affects the performance of the A/C system. As humidity increases, the ability of the A/C system to cool the incoming air is more difficult because it has more heat to remove as well as more moisture. This results in an increase in the temperature of the air coming out of the center duct. However, by selecting the "recirculate" feature on the A/C control, you can reduce the stress on the system because it is easier to cool the already cooler and dehumidified air already inside the car. This makes it easier for the system to keep the temperature inside the car cool-even when it is blistering hot outside.

Weekly Green Tip

Turn off your power strips when they are not in use. The average American household continuously leaks about 50 watts of electricity. Eliminating that trickle would save $1 billion a year in wasted electricity. - The Green Book

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