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Inside Story for Monday, August 08, 2011

New at the Library

Titles by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edith Wharton and Ntozake Shange are among the new materials available at the MCC libraries this month. A complete list is available here.

For Photos, Remember Consent and Release Form

When taking photos of MCC students and community members that may be published online or in print, remember to use the Consent and Release Form. This ensures that the College has legal permission to use the photos. Forms are kept on file in the Office of Public Affairs, FOC 30. For further clarification, contact the Office of Public Affairs, (402) 457-2414.

Training and Development Upcoming Workshops

Planning is underway for Fall quarter workshops providing employees with opportunities to enhance professional, leadership and supervisory skills; learn more about the inner workings of the College; increase awareness on wellness topics; and improve technology proficiencies.

Also coming this fall is online training. In an effort to promote sustainability and make training and development more accessible, an online option will be available.

Pursuing training and development gives employees the opportunity to learn, interact and engage.

The following workshops are open to INFO faculty (full-time and adjunct), INFO staff, IT staff, ARC staff and Library staff.

Windows 7

This session will cover the basic aspects and features of Windows 7. Special attention will be paid to the specific differences between Windows XP and Windows 7. Topics covered include how to login/restart/shut down; change screen setting; background (wallpaper), screen saver, font size; searching for files; new icons or short cuts not presently found on Windows XP; adding a printer; and how to delete a print job.

TRDV 071N 08 (synonym 178476)  T   Aug. 16  12:30-03:30 p.m.  SRP Room 225

TRDV 071N 09 (synonym 178477)  T   Aug. 16  04:00-07:00 p.m.  SRP Room 225

TRDV 071N 10 (synonym 178481)  T   Aug. 23  12:30-03:30 p.m.  SRP Room 225

TRDV 071N 11 (synonym 178482)  T   Aug. 23  04:00-07:00 p.m.  SRP Room 225 

Office 2010 Upgrade

Come learn new options and possibilities with Office 2010.  The focus of this class is to prepare Office 2007 users for integration to Office 2010. We will cover basic differences in Word, Outlook and PowerPoint. Topics to be covered include the File menu (brought back by popular demand), the new and improved Print Preview and the new options and relocations of features on the Ribbons in each application.

TRDV 066N 07 (synonym 177845)  W Aug 10  09:00a.m.-noon    FOC Bldg. 8 Room 210

TRDV 066N 08 (synonym 178478)  W Aug 17   02:00-05:00 p.m.   FOC Bldg. 8 Room 210

TRDV 066N 09 (synonym 178479)  W Aug 17   05:30-08:30 p.m.   FOC Bldg. 8 Room 210

TRDV 066N 10 (synonym 178484)  W Aug 24   02:00-05:00 p.m.   FOC Bldg. 8 Room 210

TRDV 066N 11 (synonym 178485)  W Aug 24   05:30-08:30 p.m.   FOC Bldg. 8 Room 210

To enroll, go to WebAdvisor or call ext 8518.

Attending an activity during  scheduled work hours requires supervisor approval. It is the employee's responsibility to obtain approval to attend a Training and Development event.

For more information contact mcotten@mccneb.edu. Marilyn Cotten, Coordinator, Training & Development,

Fort Omaha Campus to Host Honoring Our History World War I Gallery

Waddell & Reed invites you to tour the Honoring Our History World War I traveling gallery, a yearlong national tour honoring the men and women who served in World War I. Developed in partnership with the National World War I Museum and in celebration of Waddell & Reed's 75th anniversary, Honoring Our History commemorates the Great War from within a customized "big rig" truck. This extraordinary traveling gallery features a myriad of artifacts including weapons, tools, equipment and uniforms, a walk-through trench simulating the war environment, videos and audio tracks, news headlines and historical descriptors.

  • Admission is free
  • Donations gladly accepted
  • Receive a special Honoring Our History T-shirt with minimum $25 donation

Wednesday, Aug. 17, 2011

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.

General Crook House Museum, Fort Omaha Campus

Half of all contributions will benefit the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, the other half to benefit the Douglas County Historical Society.

Safety Wire

Change of responsibility notification:

The following responsibilities have been transferred to Safety and Health.  Email, call or stop by for products or services outlined below.

  • First aid kits (requests for new kits and refilling existing kits)
  • AEDs (requests for replacement, new or service)
  • Safety eyewear (both prescription safety glasses and regular safety goggles and glasses)
  • Hearing protection
  • Disposal of HAZMAT and biological waste
  • Requests for personal protective equipment (includes related items like cooling scarves for   facilities, poison ivy cream, etc.)
  • Requests for new or replacement fire extinguishers and annual inspections (Public Safety will retain the duty for monthly inspections of fire extinguishers and AEDs)

You may be asking, what can I do to help?  I'll be asking for information regarding the products and respective quantities we normally order throughout the year. Ideally, I want to keep standard products on hand. This will decrease costs through bulk ordering, reduce time spent through purchasing and accounting practices  and, most importantly, enable those that need a product to obtain and use it immediately.  Feel free to email me the information I'm seeking to help get this started!

Jerome Patten
Fort Omaha Campus
Bldg. 5 Room 111
(402) 457-2508

Weekly Green Tip

Request less packaging when you order food to go. More than a third of office workers order in or carry out from a restaurant. If the takeout is just for you, tell the restaurant you need utensils only for one. If every worker did this, we could save 25 million plastic forks, knives and chopsticks per day-enough utensils for three square meals a day for everyone in New York City. - The Green Book

Metro Reads! Food Rules

MCC's Metro Reads! book selection for 2011-2012 is Food Rules: An Eater's Manual by Michael Pollan. The book offers straightforward, easy-to-use, everyday guidelines for eating to nudge readers down a healthier and happier path. Each week, the Inside Story will feature a food rule taken from the book.

For more information about Metro Reads!, click here.

Rule #3: Avoid food products containing ingredients that no ordinary human would keep in the pantry. - p. 9

HR Updates

New Employees

Beth (Asher) Heck     Coordinator of Human Resources Services     FOC Bldg. 32     457-2249

Darryl Partner     Diesel Technology Instructor     ATC     763-5822

Jake Sisavanh     IT Specialist I     EVC     TBA

Separations                                        Last Day

Krystal Overmyer                             8/5/11

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