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Inside Story for Monday, February 27, 2012

Training and Development workshops

Training and Development workshops

This program is designed to contribute to the professional growth and development of MCC employees. For a complete listing of Training and Development offerings, visit www.mccneb.edu/trdv/workshops.asp. Bookmark this page and check it often.

Use Your Body Better: From Ergonomics to Exercise

Need a boost? Learn simple but effective strategies to maximize your strength, vigor and efficiency in daily activities so you can feel better at the end of the day, the end of the week and the end of the decade! Learn how to reduce strain and make the most of everyday movement, including keyboarding, housework, deskwork and fitness activities. Wear comfortable work clothing. Join us for this fun and informative workshop!

Participants will:

  • Understand how appropriate posture and body mechanics can enhance health and productivity and slow the effects of aging.
  • Learn simple but effective ways to improve movement efficiency and prevent injury at work and at play.

Participate in gentle chair and 'desktop' exercise activities designed to use at work to
help relieve stress, improve health and enhance productivity.

Intended audience-all employees

Facilitator: Natalie Dowty, president and founder of Integrative Wellness, Inc., Physical Therapy and Consulting

TRDV 148N 01 (synonym 192041) T March 20 l 9:30 a.m.-noon l FOC Building 21 Room 101

Courageous Conversations: How to Say Everything You Wish You Didn't Need To Say

All of us have put off an important conversation that we feared would be uncomfortable or go badly. If you agonize over the right words to say, worry you will upset someone or are simply unsure how to start the conversation, this is for you. Executive coach Susan Ann Koenig gives you tools that empower you to say what needs to be said with greater clarity and ease.

Join us to learn:

  • Five points of clarity that must precede every important conversation
  • How practicing a single sentence can make the toughest conversations easier
  • Why words are not the most important part of preparing for big conversations
  • How partnering language reduces the 'I'm right/you're wrong' scenarios
  • Powerful tools that can be used in both every day and high stakes conversations

Intended audience-Supervisors

Facilitator: Susan Ann Koenig, JD, executive coach.

TRDV 151N 01 (synonym 192150) W March 21 l 10 a.m.-noon l FOC Building 21 Room105

diversity + inclusion = innovation

"If everyone is thinking the same thing, someone isn't thinking at all."

-General George Patton

This interactive workshop examines cognitive diversity or diversity of thought. While it is often not included in conversations around diversity and inclusion, cognitive diversity is of increasing significance to our organizations due to the integral role that it plays in decision-making, problem-solving and innovation. As innovation becomes increasingly critical for the success of our organizations, we cannot afford to leave cognitive diversity out of conversation. This information-rich workshop will unpack the what, why and how of putting cognitive diversity to work for you.

Participants will:

  • Have a clear and actionable definition and framework for understanding cognitive diversity
  • Understand the role of cognitive diversity in driving the groups or organizations ability to share information, make meaning from information, make quality decisions, solve problems, innovate and utilize the talent that is available to them
  • Understand how human nature and social dynamics can get in the way of capitalizing on cognitive diversity and what kind of action is required to offset these barriers

Intended audience-Supervisors

Facilitator: Joe Gerstandt, author and speaker

TRDV 149N 01 (synonym 192151) F April 6 l 10 a.m.-noon l FOC Building 22Room 201A

Attending an activity during your scheduled work hours requires supervisor approval. It is your responsibility to obtain approval to attend a Training and Development event. Enroll through WebAdvisor, by calling ext. 8518 or by calling 402-457-5231. All workshops are noncredit, Term 12/JA. Contact Marilyn Cotten, coordinator of training and development, at 402-457-2507 with questions.

Wanted: Community Ambassadors

Community Ambassadors set the tone for prospective students. They guide and inform prospective students on what to expect from campus life and promote the student experience at MCC. You will:

  • Speak/greet at events and outreach activities
  • Participate in student panels
  • Lead campus tours for prospective students
  • Attend outreach events such as high school visits and neighborhood association meetings
  • Participate in presentations and share your college experiences with others
  • Speak with prospective students that are considering going into your program or a similar program


  • At least a part-time MCC student and have an understanding of the campus and community culture
  • Have completed 12 credits hours at MCC
  • Have and maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA
  • In good standing with MCC academically and financially
  • Reliable transportation
  • Works a minimum of 30 hours per quarter
  • Two quarter commitment
  • Positive attitude with peers, prospective students and general public

Pay: $250 stipend per quarter

Send the application to those students you think may be interested. Deadline to complete the application is Wednesday, Feb. 29.

Current full-time or adjunct faculty invited to apply to join the Institute for Cultural Connections team

The Institute for Cultural Connections is a student-centered, faculty-driven initiative to enrich education through culture benefiting MCC and our surrounding communities. The ICC supports cultural education by maintaining their cultural calendar, hosting a yearly culture camp for MCC faculty, supporting International and Intercultural Education programs at MCC and developing cultural activities for MCC courses, faculty and students. Interested faculty would work in partnership with other ICC members and faculty throughout the College to promote, enhance and develop cultural education at MCC.   

If you are passionate about cultural education, check out the details at http://resource.mccneb.edu/icc/

Green tip

Switch to a more fuel-efficient car. Every mile per gallon gained reduces your carbon emission by one pound.-The Green Book

MCC reads! Food Rules

"Limit your snacks to unprocessed plant foods." p. 123

MCC is making news

What's the latest and greatest? Check out the latest news releases issued by Public Affairs to find out.

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