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Inside Story for Monday, June 04, 2012

This is the final Inside Story

The Inside Story will no longer be emailed.

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Faculty and staff should now begin using our new My Way portal, an internal website that is your one-stop shop for day-to-day business at MCC. The portal provides single sign-on access by automatically logging into My Services (formerly known as WebAdvisor), your personal Microsoft Outlook calendar/web app and Colleague. Also available are task list, announcements, College news, events and team sites. Students will be granted access in the fall.

To log into the MCC My Way Portal

  1. Open a web browser
  2. Enter myway.mccneb.edu into the address bar of the browser
  3. Enter your user ID and password into the login box
    Note: this is the same login you use to log into computers on campus
  4. The MCC My Way portal page will appear

If you are unable to log into the portal, contact the Help Desk via email (helpdesk@mccneb.edu) or phone, 402-457-2900.                                              

Tell MCC

If you would like to provide feedback, click on the Tell MCC icon and enter your feedback information into the form and save the record. Your feedback will be reviewed the My Way Design Committee.

Note: The Portal is a work in process. Some pages that are now linked to the external website will move inside the portal as the conversion moves forward.

Nominate student leaders for MCC's 3rd Annual Student Leadership Conference

MCC's 3rd Annual Student Leadership Conference is an invitation-only event scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 30, 9 a.m.-3 p.m. at the Fort Omaha Campus, Institute for the Culinary Arts. In the last two years, the Conference has hosted more than 400 of our College's finest student leaders and recognized their outstanding leadership abilities and drive to complete community service. The Conference provides students with resources and connections for future success in leadership development. By having faculty nominate them to attend the Conference, students take pride in the opportunity and feel privileged to have been nominated.

Faculty and staff can nominate students by sending their first and last name and student ID number to jtullos2@mccneb.edu or by calling 402-457-2637. Multiple students can be nominated. Students that attended MCC before Fall quarter 2011 cannot be nominated.

The submission deadline is July 6. Space is limited so nominate today. For more information, visit www.mccneb.edu/servicelearning/slc.asp.

Training & Development

Visually engage your audience with Prezi, an online presentation tool that allows you to create amazing presentations on the web. You will no longer want to use the slide-by-slide presentation approach after you see this for yourself! Register via My Services/WebAdvisor or call Registration at ext. 8518 (402-457-5231).

Prezi Frenzy

Why all the buzz about it? Because Prezi is PowerPoint on steroids! Prezi is the latest, greatest and easiest way to make presentations! It is a free cloud-based presentation software that is accessible from anywhere there is Internet access. It is simple to learn and use and makes PowerPoint presentations look antiquated. Attend this workshop to see a Prezi demonstration followed by hands-on instruction to create your first Prezi by the end of class. Bring your presentation ideas and/or an old PowerPoint presentation, including photos, clip art and videos.

Intended audience-all employees
Facilitator: Jackie Manna, MCC adjunct

TRDV 128N 01 (synonym 194767) Friday, June 22 l 10 a.m.-noon l FOC 010 114
TRDV 128N 02 (synonym 194770) Wednesday, July 11 l 11:30 a.m. -1:30 p.m. l EVC 131

Note: Attending an activity during your scheduled work hours requires supervisor approval. It is your responsibility to obtain approval to attend a Training and Development event. Enroll through WebAdvisor, by calling ext. 8518 or by calling 402-457-5231. All workshops are noncredit. Contact Marilyn Cotten, coordinator of training and development, at 402-457-2507 with questions.

HR updates

New employees

Kyle Atkins
Kyle Atkins                                         
FOC, Building 20                              

Cheryl Reid
Cheryl Reid                                        
associate director of financial aid
Training and Compliance                              
FOC, Building 30                              

Dick rasmussen
Dick Rasmussen                               
IT specialist I                                                     

Ingrid Berlin                                       
dean of enrollment services                      
FOC, Building 30

Gail Baker                                         5/25/12
Tammy Carlson                                 6/1/12
Pat McGinnis                                     6/1/12

Getting here is half the fun!

This is the first in a series of articles to educate staff and faculty on all the ways to commute to and from and around MCC campuses and centers.

Transportation frequently asked questions

  • How can I save money on gas and still get to MCC?
    You could try carpooling, taking transit or ride a bicycle. You could take hybrid courses, which require fewer trips to campus, or online courses, which do not require coming to campus at all. All MCC campuses and centers have carpool parking and bicycle parking.
  • How can I carpool to MCC?
    Create a free account at www.MetroRideShare.org. With this noncommercial service, you can anonymously contact others that are interested in carpooling and going your way. If you work or study at MCC, you can specify Metropolitan Community College as your employer in your profile. This will not be shown to prospective carpoolers but will help the system rank your prospects.
  • Why are there green bicycles at the Fort Omaha Campus?
    The Green Bike Program is a program available to all students, faculty and staff on MCC's Fort Omaha Campus. Ride the bikes around the Fort Omaha Campus for free and park them at any bicycle parking area on campus. Visit the Green Bikes page for details.
  • Can I ride my bicycle to MCC?
    All MCC campuses and centers welcome bicycles and offer secure bicycle parking. Activate Omaha offers information for cyclists, including a commuter map you could use to plan a safe route to MCC.
  • What transit/bus lines serve MCC?
    The Fort Omaha Campus is served by Metro Route 30, which connects to several routes at the North Omaha Transit Center at 30th Street and Ames Ave. The South Omaha Campus hosts the Metropolitan Community College Transit Center and is served by Routes 3, 7, 13, 34 and 48. Route 3 connects the North Omaha Transit Center (near Fort Omaha) to the South Omaha Campus. You can get schedule information from Google Transit and by contacting Metro Transit at 402-341-0800 or www.ometro.com.

    MCC credit students are eligible for a Pass to Class, a no-cost bus pass valid during the quarters they are enrolled.

Green tip

Turn down your thermostat at night. For each degree, you save about 1 percent on your heating costs and carbon emissions. If you turn down the heat in our home overnight or when no one is home-for arguments sake, half the day-by ten degrees, you can save about 10 percent.-The Green Book

MCC reads! Food Rules

"Pay more, eat less." p. 99

MCC is making news

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