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Maintain F1 Status @ MCC
MCC International Students

Maintaining Your Legal Status As An F-1 Student at Metropolitan Community College


  • You must be full-time each term with the exception of your annual vacation. Full-time if denied as 12 credits per quarter
  • Reduced course load/ Dropping a course:
    • you MUST seek approve from the International Enrollment Office and an Advisor BEFORE dropping below 12 credit hours using the "justification" form
  • Concurrent enrollment:
    • you must seek approval from the International Enrollment Center if you plan to enroll at another U.S. institution in addition to Metro
  • Withdrawal from courses:
    • you must seek approve from the International Enrollment Office before withdrawing from your classes or enrolling at another U.S. institution. For this you will have 15 days to depart the U.S. or transfer to another U.S. institution. If you are academically dismissed, please inform the International Enrollment Office as there is not grace period for this.
  • Online/Distant learning courses limit:
    • only one online/distant learning course can count toward your full-time enrollment each term

Keep Current Immigration documents:

  • Change of Major:
    • you must receive a new I-20 from the International Enrollment Office
  • Program extension:
    • if you are unable to complete your degree by the expiration date on your I-20, please apply for a program extension before your I-20 expires. Note: you remain in legal status 60 days beyond the day you complete your academic program. This period is known as your "grace period"

Personal Items:

  • Change of address:
    • update My Services within 10 days of your address changing. This must be your residential address. Must include your apartment number if applicable
  • Check your Metro Email account:
    • you must check your Metro email account as very important information is sent to you regarding your Immigration status. Failure to do so may result in a violation of your immigration status


  • On campus employment: limit of 20 hours per week while school is in session
  • Off campus employment: never work off-campus without authorization from the International Enrollment Office and/or USCIS
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