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Aim for Success

“A good way to come back to school. It warms you back up; teaches you how to learn again. I was out for six years and had to learn to read and study and take notes again. The teachers are very understanding and helpful, and I felt comfortable."

- AIM for Success Student

AIM for Success is a learning community program designed for students who need to develop their reading and writing skills to achieve proficiency at the college level. 

AIM  is offered in a block schedule and requires students to enroll in reading and writing courses for completion of 10.5 credits during the one-quarter program.

Typical schedule

  • ENGL 0960 Fundamentals of College Writing      T-TH  9:00-11:55 am
  • RDLS 0100 College Reading Strategies              M-W 10:00--11:55 am

AIM for Success is offered every fall quarter at various campuses and is limited to a maximum of 18 students in each cohort group.

In the AIM for Success learning community, faculty and counselors work closely with students to provide academic and counseling support. Special features include diagnostic testing, interdisciplinary approaches to basic skills instruction, integrated counseling and tutorial services, and often a Service Learning project.

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The program’s ongoing support system has helped participants develop the skills and self-confidence needed to succeed in the classroom.  Course completion rates average 84% for reading and nearly 83% for English. Retention rates are also impressive: 79% for AIM students compared to 48% for students college-wide. 

Because of AIM’s reputation, students are eager to get into the program. Various social service agencies refer students to the AIM program.  Growing numbers of students seek out the program as a way to help them gain foundation skills they will need in college level courses. 

For more information

Call 402-457-2400 and ask to schedule a visit with an Academic Advisor at the campus you would like to attend.


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