Education matters to our entire community. With more than 50,000 students served annually, chances are you have a friend, neighbor or family member who has benefited from Metropolitan Community College—or you’ve taken a class yourself.

Through education, MCC works to:

Building our economy

A 2013 economic impact study by Ernie Goss & Associates quantifies just how much MCC’s activities benefit our four-county service area and beyond. A few highlights:

Strengthening our community

MCC believes in providing the best education for the best value to our service area. The 2013 economic impact study revealed that MCC's benefits to Nebraska taxpayers are extensive.

A good investment for taxpayers
MCC derives its funds from tuition, state aid and property tax. Through its operations and educational programs, MCC generates economic benefits that flow back to taxpayers, businesses and communities in excess of the initial investment.

MCC’s commitment to keeping costs down has allowed it to offer affordable tuition rates.

Supporting our families

MCC is committed to offering the community affordable, accessible and quality education. For many local residents, MCC’s programs are a means to increased self-sufficiency for themselves and their families.

MCC's educational support to students:

MCC provides the skills and education employers need now and in the future—leading, in turn, to better jobs
for area residents.

For more details on MCC's economic impact, read the full 2013 report.