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Study Manual Quiz

1. It’s generally a poor idea to ask your instructor what he/she recommends for you to study for a test.

2. If you have read all the material for a test, memory tricks or mnemonics should be avoided.

3. When beginning a study session, start with the most difficult material, and work your way to the easiest content.

4. One of the best ways to deal with math anxiety is to pretend you don’t have it.

5. Getting help with math might include forming a study group, getting a tutor, or taking a review course.

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6. Expect memory blocks when taking a test.

7. When answering essay questions, use only facts, avoiding any opinions.

8. “Chunks” of 4 to 6 items are usually easier to remember than larger groups of items.

9. Using catchwords and catch phrases is a helpful memory “trick.”

10. Helpful memory aids might include flash cards, tape recorders, and repetitive writing.

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11. Goal setting has little to do with effective time management.

12. Using a monthly calendar and reinforcing yourself are both time management strategies.

13. The index of a textbook may help you locate specific information quickly and easily.

14. The preface or introduction to a textbook can usually be skipped and is of little value.

15. The summary of a textbook chapter, if there is one, can be helpful to read prior to reading the chapter.

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16. One of the best clues to what is most important in a chapter is the bold print headings.

17. Longer chapters are usually harder to understand than shorter chapters.

18. The genius of the Cornell Note-Taking System lies in its form.

19. The best time to write in the left column when using the Cornell Note-Taking System is during the lecture.

20. One of the main benefits of the Cornell System is its adaptability to self-testing as you begin memorizing for a test.

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