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Automotive Technology (AUTT)
AUTT 0900
Automotive Fundamentals Assessment
AUTT 1010
Introduction to Auto Service and
Minor Repair
AUTT 1210
Automotive Electricity & Electronics I
AUTT 1220
Automotive Electricity & Electronics II
AUTT 1230
Automotive Electricity & Electronics III
AUTT 1240
Automotive Electricity & Electronics IV
AUTT 1310
Powertrain Repair I
AUTT 1320
Powertrain Repair II
AUTT 1330
Powertrain Repair III
AUTT 1510
Brake Repair I
AUTT 1520
Brake Repair II
AUTT 1620
Heating & Air Conditioning I
AUTT 1630
Heating & Air Conditioning II
AUTT 1710
Engine Mechanical Service I
AUTT 1720
Engine Mechanical Service II
AUTT 1730
Engine Mechanical Service III
AUTT 2310
Suspension Systems
AUTT 2410
Engine Performance I
AUTT 2420
Engine Performance II
AUTT 2430
Engine Performance III
AUTT 2810
Manual Transmission Repair I
AUTT 2815
Manual Transmission Repair II
AUTT 2830
Automatic Transmission Repair I
AUTT 2840
Automatic Transmission Repair II
AUTT 2845
Automatic Transmission Repair III
AUTT 2900
Special Topics in AUTT
AUTT 2981
OJT/Work Experience
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