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Heating A/C, Refrigeration (HVAC)
HVAC 1000
Refrigeration Electrical Theory and Application
HVAC 1010
Refrigeration Service Principles &
Basic Automatic Controls
HVAC 1020
Refrigeration Shop Practices
HVAC 1210
Gas Heat
HVAC 1211
Electric Heat
HVAC 1220
Oil Burners
HVAC 1330
Commercial Refrigeration Installation
HVAC 1331
Commercial Refrigeration Service
HVAC 1500
A/C, Domestic Refrigeration & Appliance Repair
HVAC 1540
All Weather Systems (Conventional)
HVAC 2220
All Weather Systems (Heat Pumps)
HVAC 2221
Installation and Service Problems
HVAC 2310
Refrigeration Certification
HVAC 2320
Advanced Commercial Refrigeration
HVAC 2400
Blueprint Reading for Air Conditioning
HVAC 2420
Advanced Residential Air Conditioning
HVAC 2421
Advanced Commercial Air Conditioning
HVAC 2550
Air Conditioning (Commercial)
HVAC 2560
Sheet Metal Layout
HVAC 2570
Automated Building Controls
HVAC 2900
Special Topics in HVAC
HVAC 2981
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