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Finance (FINA)
FINA 1000
Financial Literacy
FINA 1010
Customer Service Skills
FINA 1200
Personal Finance
FINA 1311
Introduction to the Financial Services Industry
FINA 1320
Financial Calculator Applications
FINA 2100
Introduction to Investments
FINA 2200
FINA 2206
Fundamentals of Financial Planning

FINA 2207

Fundamentals of Financial Planning II

FINA 2209
Risk Management and Insurance
FINA 2210
Financial Planning Principles and Insurance
FINA 2220
Asset/Liability Management for Financial Institutions
FINA 2230
Business Finance
FINA 2240
Financial Statement Analysis
FINA 2250
Investment Strategies and Portfolio Management
FINA 2310
Income Tax Planning
FINA 2320
Retirement Planning and Employee Benefits
FINA 2330
Estate Planning
FINA 2400
Financial Counseling
FINA 2410
Consumer Credit
FINA 2700
International Finance
FINA 2900
Finance Applications in the Field
FINA 2940
Case Analysis in Financial Planning
FINA 2981
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