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Respiratory Care Technology (RESP)
RESP 1000
Orientation to Respiratory Care
RESP 1010
Introduction to Respiratory Care Procedures
RESP 1020
Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology
RESP 1030
Respiratory Care Procedures I
RESP 1031
Current Concepts I
RESP 1040
Respiratory Care Procedures II
RESP 1041
Current Concepts II
RESP 1042
Pharmacology for Respiratory Care
RESP 1991
Clinical Practicum I
RESP 1992
Clinical Practicum II
RESP 1993
Clinical Practicum III
RESP 2100
Advanced Respiratory Care
RESP 2101
Current Concepts III
RESP 2120
Cardiology and Hemodynamics
RESP 2121
Current Concepts IV
RESP 2122
Pediatric and Neonatal Respiratory Care
RESP 2131
Current Concepts V
RESP 2132
Respiratory Care Seminar
RESP 2994
Clinical Practicum IV
RESP 2995
Clinical Practicum V
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