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Theater (THEA)
THEA 1000
Introduction to the Theatre
THEA 1110
Theatre Technology I
THEA 1120
Theatre Technology II
THEA 1130
Theatre Technology III
THEA 2010
Script Analysis
THEA 2020
Fundamentals of Acting
THEA 2021
Fundamentals of Acting II
THEA 2030
Playwriting I
THEA 2031
Playwriting II
THEA 2040
Movement for the Actor
THEA 2050
Voice for the Actor
THEA 2110
Theatre History I
THEA 2120
Theatre History II
THEA 2150
Stage Rigging
THEA 2160
Principles of Stage Lighting
THEA 2170
Stage Management
THEA 2200
Arts Administration
THEA 2480
Introduction to Dramatic Literature I
THEA 2481
Introduction to Dramatic Literature II

THEA 2900

Special Topics in Theatre

THEA 2901

Special Topics in Playwriting

THEA 2910

Special Topics: GPTC

THEA 2920

Theatre Practicum

THEA 2981

Cooperative Study I

THEA 2982

Cooperative Study II

THEA 2983

Cooperative Study III

THEA 2984

Cooperative Study IV

THEA 2985

Cooperative Study V

THEA 2986

Cooperative Study VI

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