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Video/Audio Communication (VACA)

VACA 1010
Audio & Video Production Engineering
VACA 1020
Audio I
VACA 1110
Introduction to Scriptwriting
VACA 1130
Video I
VACA 2020
Audio II
VACA 2030
Audio III
VACA 2050
VACA 2060
Audio Mixing and Summing
VACA 2070
Modern Recording Techniques

VACA 2120
Screenwriting Principles
VACA 2130
Video II
VACA 2131
Video III
VACA 2220
Digital Media Editing
VACA 2230
Video Post-Production

VACA 2240


VACA 2540
Video Portfolio Development
VACA 2900
Special Topics in Video/Audio
VACA 2940
MetroVision Practicum
VACA 2981
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