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Information Technology (INFO)
INFO 1001
Information Systems & Literacy
INFO 1002
Introduction to Information Technology
INFO 1003
Introduction to Computer Programming
INFO 1005
INFO 1007
Introduction to Object-Oriented Computer Programming
INFO 1008
Business Office Communications
INFO 1009
Introduction to Cloud Computing
INFO 1010
Customer Service Skills
INFO 1011
Project Management
INFO 1012
Electronic Filing and Calculating
INFO 1013
Keyboard Skillbuilding
INFO 1023
Networking Essentials
INFO 1110
Windows Operating System I
INFO 1111
Linux Operating System I
INFO 1112
Introduction to IBM i
INFO 1113
AIX Operating System
INFO 1120
Windows Operating System II
INFO 1121
Linux Operating System II
INFO 1140
IBMi Operator Analyst I
INFO 1211
Microsoft® Word
INFO 1212
INFO 1213
Database Fundamentals
INFO 1214
Business Presentations
INFO 1215
Document Processing
INFO 1219
Professional Practices
INFO 1240
Integrated Applications for IT Support
INFO 1311
Web Page Creation
INFO 1314
INFO 1315
Interface Design
INFO 1316
INFO 1317
WordPress Web Editor
INFO 1319
INFO 1320
Internet Commerce
INFO 1401
Introduction to Data Center Management
INFO 1411
IT Troubleshooting and Recovery
INFO 1421
Cloud Infrastructure & Service
INFO 1431
Data Center Physical Design
INFO 1515
Programming for Robotics
INFO 1521
Java Programming I
INFO 1522
C++ Programming I
INFO 1523
Visual Basic.NET I
INFO 1524
INFO 1525
IBM i RPG Programming I
INFO 1526
Visual C# (C-Sharp) Programming I
INFO 1527
Ruby Programming
INFO 1529
PHP Programming I
INFO 1531
Java Programming II
INFO 1531
Java Programming II
INFO 1533
Visual Basic.NET II
INFO 1534
INFO 1536
Visual C# (C-Sharp) Programming II
INFO 1537
Ruby on Rails
INFO 1539
PHP Programming II
INFO 1620
Introduction to Database Design
INFO 1805
A+ Certified Professional

INFO 1811

Information Storage and Management

INFO 1831

VMware vSphere

INFO 1955
How to Build Almost Anything
INFO 1962
How to Build an Electric Guitar
INFO 2122
Unix Scripting I
INFO 2135
Network Infrastructure
INFO 2142
Windows Active Directory
INFO 2145
Windows Server Administration
INFO 2240
Office Technology Capstone
INFO 2260
Workplace Technologies
INFO 2261
Software Applications Support
INFO 2340
Internet Scripting
INFO 2351
Introduction to XML
INFO 2362
Building Secure Environments
INFO 2401
Applied Data Center Management

INFO 2439

Mobile Application Development

INFO 2521
Intel® Assembly Language I
INFO 2531
Intel® Assembly Language II
INFO 2537
Data Structures Using C & C++
INFO 2538
Systems Analysis and Design
INFO 2621
IBM i DB2 Database Management I
INFO 2630
Structured Query Language (SQL)
INFO 2632
Oracle SQL
INFO 2635
MySQL Programming
INFO 2640
Oracle PL/SQL Programming
INFO 2641
SQL Server Design & Implementation
INFO 2740
Oracle Web Application Development
INFO 2750
Introduction to Web Application Development
INFO 2805
Network & Information Security Basics
INFO 2806
Network Attacks, Intrusions, and Penetration Testing
INFO 2808
Boundary Protection
INFO 2809
Information Systems, Forensics, & Legal Topics
INFO 2810
Security Capstone
INFO 2900
Special Topics in INFO
INFO 2940
Database and Web Programming Capstone
INFO 2942
Network Support Capstone
INFO 2944
Web Development Capstone

INFO 2947

Embedded Systems Capstone

INFO 2948
Office Professional Capstone

INFO 2980

Office Technology Practicum

INFO 2981
INFO 2984
IT Student Assistant
INFO 2990
Data Center Management Internship
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