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Procedures Memoranda

This is a complete listing of College Procedures Memorandums (PMs) in alphabetical order by the highlighted word in each title. The PMs are updated as changes occur and are posted to this site as soon as possible. In order to simplify the accuracy and availability, the Procedures Memorandums books will no longer be provided or updated. Questions can be directed to, the President's office, Fort Omaha Campus, Building 30, 457-2750.

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Alphabetized Table of Contents

Note: The Procedures Memorandums are listed alphabetically using the underlined word in each title.

Title PM #
Short Term Absence Sick, Vacation, Bereavement, etc. VI-13
Absence Without Pay VI-1
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) X-6

The acquisition, storage, possession, service, sale and consumption of alcohol on College Property and at College Events

Public Art Committee X-31
Background Checks (also known as Pre-Employment Screening Procedures) VI-38
Institutional Planning and Budgeting Process X-3
Use of Cell Phones and Pagers for College Business X-13
Crisis Communication Plan X-29

Discipline Procedural Suggestions and General Work Expectations

Communicable Diseases VI-25
Diversity and Memberships in College Groups II-2
Drug Free Workplace Requirements VI-30
Drug Prevention/Drug Free Schools and Communities Act X-5
Education Assistance Program VI-32
Emergency/Crisis Situations X-7
Employee Assistance Program (EAP) VI-19
Employment of Individuals with Familial or Other Close Relationships (Also known as Related Persons or Nepotism) VI-11
Employment Process Guidelines VI-21
Employment Verifications and References VI-27
Evaluation - Exempt Staff VI-6
Evaluation - Faculty VI-3
Evaluation - Non-Exempt Staff VII-4
Evaluation - Adjunct Faculty Observation & Feedback Procedures VI-5
Ex Officio Members of the Board of Governors I-1
Coding of Expenses II-3
Facilities Use IX-2
Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) V-1
Flexible Work Schedules VI-20
Fundraising By College Employees X-16
Institutional Grants System X-20
Grievance Procedures for College Staff VI-4
Grievance Procedures for Alleged Discrimination - Students V-3
Prohibiting Harassment of Employees and Discrimination VI-34
Policy Prohibiting Harassment of Students V-2
Guidelines Relating to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) VI-35
Identity Theft Prevention Program "Red Flags Rule" X-30
Acceptable Use of Information Technology and Resources X-15
College Internship Program VI-29
Equipment Inventory IX-4
Lactation Support Program VI-39
Authority to Engage Outside Legal Counsel X-23
Library Materials, Circulation of IX-3
Guidelines for College Logo Use X-22
Organizational and Membership Fee Payment Guidelines X-21
Service and Civic Clubs Memberships and Fee Guidelines X-25
Food, Beverages and Miscellaneous Expenditures Guidelines VI-36
Naming of College Property IX-6
Ombudsperson - see Whistleblower Procedures Memorandum X-14 X-14
Overtime, Holiday, and Volunteerism Procedures for Non-Exempt (hourly paid) Staff VII-19
Employment Guidelines for Part-time Employees VII-31

Administration of the Exempt and Non-Exempt Pay Rate Schedule for Non-Bargaining Unit Employees with certain provisions applicable to MCCEA Education Support Professionals

Personnel Files VI-26
Creating and Updating Procedures Memorandums X-11
Access to College Public Records X-12
Records Management at MCC X-27
Reduction in Force VI-15
Human Participants Research X-26
Safety and Health Program at MCC X-32
Board of Governors' Special RecognitionScholarship I-2
Security Awareness IX-1
Service Awards Recognition VI-12
Smoking/Use of Tobacco Products IX-5
Solicitation and Demonstration on College Property IX-7
Student Conduct and Discipline V-4
Student Rights (Buckley/FERPA Amendment) V-1
Survey Procedures and Guidelines X-28
Textbook Adoption IV-1
Travel Guidelines VI-2
Tuition and Mandatory Student Fee Discount - Adjunct Faculty and Dependent VI-37
Tuition Waiver - Employee and Dependent VI-7
Time Off for Voting VI-10
Inclement Weather X-1
Whistleblower Policy X-14
Guidelines for Creating, Updating and Maintaining MCC's Websites X-24
Worker's Compensation for On-the-Job Injuries VI-31

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