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Courses and Career Certificates

Metropolitan Community College offers courses in sustainability as well as solar and energy conservation.


Career Certificates

Solar Heating Systems (SHSSD)

Solar Air Systems (SASSD)

Solar Technology (STSSD)

Solar Electric Systems (SESSD)

Solar Water Systems (SWSSD)

Solar Hydronic Systems (SSHSD)

The solar courses at MCC are divided into the three main categories of electric, air and water. Each category was developed in a uniform manner. There is one overall theory and design class (4.5 credit hours). There is one overview class (1 credit hour) for site visits to see working installations and/or practice aspects of the technology. There are three field lecture classes (1.5 credit hours each, totally 4.5 hrs) that are combined with hands-on installation training to reinforce practical techniques. These three installation courses divide the installation process into easily managed segments. In this manner, students, the practicing trades and general public can more readily participate, increasing the training impact.

The credit hours were determined in part for ease of credit transfer between academic institutions. MCC operates on a quarter system whereas most area 4-year institutions are on the semester system. The 4.5 credit hours in a quarter system will count as 3 credit hours in a semester system (such as Creighton University, which has already agreed to a student credit transfer and facilities use policy with MCC). If you are considering transferring to a 4-year institution, check with their student advisor prior to attending the course for their transfer acceptance.

The total of 10 credit hours for each solar category (air, water and electric) was deemed sufficient for a core program. This 10-hour solar core has been coupled with programs in construction, plumbing and electrical to create certificates of competency (called Career Certificates) in solar air, water and electric respectively.

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