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New Advisor Training

New Advisor/Counselor Training Information

New Advisor Training Goal

Learn to become a resource to students by providing accurate information and making appropriate referrals.


Linking new advisors and counselors with an employee that has been with Metro for a year or more to serve as a mentor plus complete on-line training modules.

What? Will be accomplished

Know where to look for information
Know who to ask for information
Know what questions to ask to get correct information

Why? Rationale for training

All academic advisors and counselors should have similar knowledge of topics. Training will provide a broad range of information so advisors/counselors are "generalists" and can answer many types of questions.

Timeframe to complete the training

There are five modules to complete - depending on whether you are full-time or part time will determine how quickly you complete the training. On average new advisors start seeing students after three weeks - once the new employee is comfortable.

To START Your New Employee Training click on module 1. Once you successfully complete module 1, move on to module 2, etc.

New Employee/Mentor Modules

Tools to help new advisors

Things to help you  become a fantastic Mentor

Manager's to do list

  • Day 1 Checklist
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