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Faculty FAQs

MCC's full time and adjunct faculty provide an important service to the College and the Records Office is available for assistance with the grading process and My Services questions. Your academic deans and dean's associates are valuable resources and we encourage you to work with them, as they should be your first point of contact in many situations. In order to assist you with some of the grading and course related processes, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.

  1. How do I access my student roster?
    A. You may access your roster via My Services (WebAdvisor), which is located in the My Way portal. You may access My Way from MCC’s home page by clicking on the My Way link and signing in with your user name and password.
  2. Do I need to use the My Services grade book or can I create my own?
    A. Instructors do not have to use the grade book in My Services . They may use any other spreadsheet or grading system that works best for them. However, My Services MUST be used to input all final grades. If you have questions regarding My Services 's grade book, please contact Cindy Catherwood, Curriculum Design Coordinator, for assistance. Her email address is cchurchill@mccneb.edu or she may be reached by phone at 402-738-4683.
  3. I need to WX a student. What is the process?
    A. Refer to the WX policy and procedure found on the Faculty/Staff Resource Center Page for detailed information.
  4. I WXed a student, but need to have her/him reinstated. What should I do?
    A. Refer to the WX policy and procedure found on the Faculty/Staff Resource Center Page for detailed information.

    Per the WX Charter Group, the following clarification was emailed on September 10, 2012:

    1) "Once receiving a WX, the student will no longer be enrolled in that class. If the student now wants to attend, he/she will first need to receive instructor approval for late registration. If approval is granted, the student will then need to register for the class using the Registration Change Form (formerly named - Closed Class/Late Registration form). Note: There is no late registration for online classes."

    **** LATE REGISTRATION: Instructors use this process when a student did not attend class and a WX was appropriately submitted, but that student then returns to the class and requests the instructor's approval to Late Register. Late Registration is at the professional discretion of the Instructor. The late registration form (Registration Change Form) may be found on the Forms Bank: http://www.mccneb.edu/formsbank/instructions.asp?idnum=30.

    2) "If a WX has been mistakenly submitted, instructors should contact their Academic Dean and the Records Office with the student’s name, student I.D. # and brief explanation. Records will re-enroll the student once receiving the dean’s approval." **** WX in ERROR: Instructors use this process only in cases of an actual error by the instructor. Examples include: a student attended but the instructor erroneously WXed that student; OR, an instructor erroneously WXed the wrong student.

  5. I have a student who only attended a couple of classes and then stopping attending. Should I issue an F or FX?
    A. It is always best to speak to your academic dean regarding guidance on grading issues. Please refer to the FX policy and procedure found on the Faculty/Staff Resource Center Page for more information.
  6. When can I issue a FX grade?
    A.The FX grade can only be issued at the end of the quarter since it is a final grade and cannot be issued any time before that. Doing so violates both the FX policy and a student’s right to due process. If faculty is found to be in violation of this policy, the appropriate academic dean should to be contacted so that corrective action can be taken. Refer to the WX policy and procedure found on the Faculty/Staff Resource Center Page for detailed information.
  7. Where can I find the census date for my courses?
    A. You may find it on your My Services Roster.
  8. It's the end of the quarter and I missed the deadline for inputting grades for my class. Now I am unable to access My Services . What are my options?
    A. Once the deadline for that quarter has passed, My Services for grading will be closed. It is always best to work with your academic dean if there are any issues that he/she can assist you with.

    Typically in situations like these, instructors will need to contact the Records Office and make an appointment to manually input the grades. However, if there are less than 5 missing grades in your course, a permanent grade change form may be sent to the Records Office.
  9. One of my students accidently dropped himself. Can you re-instate him/her?
    A. You would need to contact your academic dean and his/her associate with the student's name, ID, course information, and a request for re-instatement. Your academic dean will then email the Contact Center Supervisor with his/her approval and request to have this reinstated. If your student is an online student, please also provide that information.
  10. I need to change a previous grade issued for a student. What is the process for doing this?
    A. A student permanent grade change request form needs to be completed. You would need your academic dean's signature if it involves a special circumstance or if it involves a grade change that is two or more quarters past.
  11. A student has been attending my class from the beginning; however, when I tried to give her a grade, she was not on the roster. Can I issue her a grade?
    A. It is imperative that all instructors regularly check his/her roster. If a student attends your class, but is not listed on your roster, please have that student go to Student Services and get registered (you may need to grant permission to have the student added late to your class). Non-registered students are not allowed to attend any classes.

    You cannot issue a grade to a student who is not registered nor is on your roster. You must first contact your academic dean's area to resolve this situation.
  12. A student would like to audit my course. What is the procedure for doing this?
    A. Please refer to the current course catalog for detailed information on auditing a course. There is a timeline in which a student can make this request. Students must obtain your signature on the Audit Action Registration Form during the first week of classes only. The student would then need to take that form to Student Services to get registered for the course. Student Services would send the form to the Records Office for processing.
  13. Can I enter grades early?
    A. Please contact your academic dean regarding this. He/she will contact Records if approval is granted.
  14. How do I log into My Services if I don't know my user name or password?
    A. Please contact the Help Desk at 402-457-2900 for assistance.
  15. What's the last date that I am able to change from an “I” grade to a different grade?
    A. You can find this important date via the Academic Calendar on the Academic Affairs web page. Click on the following link (http://www.mccneb.edu/academics/calendar.asp) to access this calendar and then click on the Important Dates link. The date will be listed under the Class Syllabus Important Date Documents section. You may also contact your academic dean's associate for this information. Please note that once this date has passed, any “I” grade will turn into an “F” grade.
  16. Can I assign mid-term grades?
    A. MCC does not issue mid-term grades, so please do not enter a grade under the mid-term grade section on My Services . Instructors only need to enter final grades.

Important Grading Note: Please only use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to enter grades in My Services . Google Chrome is not a supported platform and you could encounter difficulties in entering grades, especially Fxs with a last date of attendance.

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