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Epson 811/820 Projector


Epson 811 Projector

Note: The Epson 811 and 820 are exactly the same except in lumens (brightness) and cost.



Using the TechnologyCheat Sheet

View Remote          811/820 remote image

811/820 Manual    Equipment Manual


Epson 811 image is filling up only 50% of the screen

(The presenter image was at 100%.  The computer is set at 800 X 600.)

You need to ensure that the projector is also set to the same resolution. This is found in the Menus. Enter the Video Menu, step down to “Resolution”, switch to Manual, set the unit to the proper resolution, then press select. Be careful at this point, there is a MAC resolution setting that reads the same but gives you the problem you are having. The mode you need is further up the scale.

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