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DVD Player

General Troubleshooting


  • Dell DVD Drives should play everything correctly.
  • Toshiba DVD Drives will not play DVD-R 's  correctly.  Will play DVD+R and commercial DVD’s correctly.
  • LiteOn DVD Drives will not play DVD+R 's  correctly.  Will play DVD-R and commercial DVD’s correctly. 
  • Neither drive will play "DL" DVD+R discs.  

Please Note Warning - even if DVD and CD discs are made to exacting standards, none are guaranteed to work in all computer drives or desktop players.

Identification of DVD Drive Type

  • LiteOn drives have the words “LiteOn DVD” and “www.liteonit.com” in black ink in the middle on the tray.
  • Toshiba drives have the words “DVD Rom” in the plastic on the right side of the tray and not high-lighted in any color.
  • Dell DVD drives are found only in Dell computers. 

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