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While it is ideal to have the same brand and model number of equipment in every room, it just isn't possible with the addition of new techrooms, repair and upgrades over the years.  Primarily, the Epson brand is used.


General Troubleshooting

Powering On

Press the remote control power button only ONCE.
Repeated pressing of this button can cause the lamp to shatter and make the projector inoperable.

Verifying the power is on:
Observe the status lights. On both the Epson 5300 and 5350 projectors the small indicator lamp will be a steady amber color when the unit is off. After the press of the power button (either on the remote control or the projector itself) the light will be blinking amber as the lamp warms up.

After 20 seconds or so, the light from the projector will start to appear on the screen. At full brightness the indicator lamp will glow steady green. When turning off the projector the indicator lamp will be blinking green as the cooling fan runs at greater speed. DO NOT attempt to turn the projector on again until the fan lowers the operating speed and the indicator lamp is back to steady amber.

Digital presentation is not displaying on the projector.

Incorrect source is selected.

Flip up the trap door on the remote control, press "Comp1" then press "AV1" on the Presenter.

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