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Rollie Carts

The Rollie Cart, or "Rollie," is a roll around cart with technology and presentation capabilities making it a tech room on wheels!

Rollie Cart Equipment:

  • Gateway M-460E laptop  (It is NOT set up for wireless access.)
  • NEC VT-580 or NEC LT-380 projector
  • DVD/VHS combo player
  • Computer speakers
  • 25' blue cat-5 network cable (To access the College Network and Internet)  

Instructions for Use

Please follow these steps in exact order:

1. Plug the power cord from the cart to the wall.

2. Plug the blue network cable into the network jack and the laptop.

3. Power up the laptop.

4. Log on to the computer:

  • Computer login only (you don’t need to access the Internet, network files, etc.): use the user name and password labeled on the computer. The "log on to domain" must be MCC###### (this computer) not mccnet
  • For Network login use your personal user name and password. The domain must be MCCNET.

    Note: Make sure the blue network cable is plugged into the laptop as well as a network jack. Note: Not all rooms have a network jack.

5. After the computer is powered up, remove the lens cap from the 
projector and power it up.

6. Push the power button only once.

  • The projector will beep after the power button is pushed. It takes a minute or two for the projector to power up. The light flashes green. Solid green means the projector is ready.

    if projector does not come on, please make sure the on/off switch located near the power cord is “on”.

7. To use the combo DVD/VCR, press the source button on top of
the projector

8. Use arrow keys and scroll to VCR. Press enter.

9. To switch back to laptop, press the source button.

10. Use arrow keys and scroll to Computer 1. Press enter.

11. To power down the projector, press power button only once.

    • The amber light will blink and the lamp will go out.
    • The fan will blow. Do not unplug the power cord until the amber light
      is solid and the fan has stopped blowing.
    • Replace the lens cap.

12. Power down the laptop.

13. Unplug the power cord from the wall, roll up the power cord and
secure using the Velcro strap.



  • If the computer is not being seen on the projector, press the “Fn” key and the “F4” key to sequence thru the range.
  • If there is a black box on the projector where a video from the computer should be displayed, you need to remove the “hardware acceleration” from the laptop.

Please follow these steps-

  • Right click on desktop (anywhere except on an icon).
  • Left click on “Properties”.
  • Left click on the “Settings” tab.
  • Left click on the “Advance” button.
  • Left click on the “Troubleshoot” tab.
  • Lower the “Hardware Acceleration” slide to 0% or 25%. 
  • Click on “Apply” button, then “OK” button
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