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Testing Charges
Proctoring Service $30.00/test + prepaid postage XTCC 01-1-00004-4367
Compass Remote Exam $30.00 XTCC 01-1-00004-4367
TEAS $45.00 XTEAS 01-1-00001-1506
STEP - until June 30, 2015 $25.00 XSTEP 01-1-00001-1506
PN Comprehensive Predictor - starting July 1, 2015 $55 XPNCP 01-1-00001-1506
PSB exam $25.00 XPSB 01-1-00001-1505
TOEFL $25.00 EXP 01-1-82000-5322
DANTES $20.00 / $80.00* XTCC 01-1-00004-4367
Proficiency Exam $40.00 XPRO 01-1-00004-4322
Cr. Life Exp. $40.00 XWRK 01-1-00004-4322
Placement Score Report $15.00 XCPF 01-1-00004-4729

* $20.00 paid to the Student Services counter / remaining paid by check/money order at the Testing Center.

General Notes On Testing Costs

  • Students will pay for testing costs in advance.
  • Unless noted, students will pay for testing costs at the campus Student Services counter.
  • Student must present receipt at time of testing. A receipt must be written and must include the appropriate "CR Code" and "GL Number".
  • A student’s Pell Grant CAN NOT pay for testing costs.
  • Testing costs are non-refundable.
  • Testing costs are in addition to the costs for specific tests that are payable to institutions other than MCC.
  • Revenue will not be tracked in detail at the student-name level.
  • The Business Office will not be held responsible for collecting delinquent testing charges. Charges are due prior to testing.

Testing Center Notes

  • Testing Center personnel cannot accept cash or charge card payments; check or money order only.
  • MCC reserves the right to provide or deny proctoring services to outside organizations on a case-by-case basis
  • Provision of proctoring services is available during regular business hours and scheduled by staff at their convenience.
  • DANTES orders will only be initiated if the individual is registered for or currently enrolled in MCC classes. Any applicable pretest should be administered prior to ordering a test.
  • DANTES will be a two-payment process. The first payment should be made to the Student Service Counter. The student will then present the receipt to the Testing Technician and provide a second check/money order to accompany the exam. The Testing Technician will generate the second receipt.

- Updated May 2015

Description Of Services

Proctoring Tests for Other Institutions Proctoring Service
Associate Degree Nursing TEAS
LPN certification for more than five years from the application date or for students who have received their LPN
Certification from somewhere other than Metropolitan Community College. STEP
Respiratory Therapy, Health Occupations Aptitude Examination PSB exam
Test of English as a Foreign Language TOEFL
Defense Activity for Nontraditional Education Support DANTES
Proficiency Exams Prof. Exam
Credit for Life Experience Cr. Life Exp.
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