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2006 Great Plains Theatre Conference

Edward AlbeeIn 1993, Edward Albee and Dr. Jo Ann C. McDowell began a collaborative project to produce a nationally recognized Theatre Conference. As a result, Edward Albee and Dr. McDowell held the Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Alaska for 12 years. The commitment has made the transition to a new frontier through the 1st Annual Great Plains Theatre Conference.

In continuing with the spirit of the Theatre Conference, Mr. Albee and Dr. McDowell, who became President of Metropolitan Community College in July 2005, are bringing the Conference to Metropolitan Community College.

The Great Plains Theatre Conference will continue to seek the embodiment of Mr. Albee´s quest for an important, enduring discussion of theatre at the national level; to foster educational opportunities for developing playwrights and actors; and to bring serious theatre to new audiences, and thereby stimulate the appreciation and preservation of the theatre arts in our culture.


Arthur Kopit Each year the Great Plains Theatre Conference will honor an established playwright and director with awards.

Mark Lamos This year, Arthur Kopit will receive the Edward Albee Great Plains Playwright Award and Mark Lamos will receive the Edward Albee Great Plains Director Award.

Luminaries Expected to Attend:

Kathleen Chalfant   Emily Mann

Kathleen Chalfant


Emily Mann

Patricia Neal   Glyn O'Malley

Patricia Neal


Glyn O'Malley

Joel Vig   Mac Wellman

Joel Vig


Mac Wellman