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2006 Great Plains Theatre Conference Featured Playwrights

Jorge Albertella

Palos Verdes Estates, CA

Sins of Omission

Rob Anderson

Orlando, FL

A Tennessee Walk

Forrest Attaway

Athens, TX


Kyle Bass

Syracuse, NY

Wind in the Field

Tim Bauer

San Francisco, CA

Beyond Words

Robin Byrd

Burbank, CA

Dream Catcher

William Campbell

Omaha, NE

The Twenty Year Package

Vincent Carlson

Omaha, NE

Curio and Valentine Are Pissed

Audrey Cefaly

Bowie, MD

Fin and Euba

Clarence Coo

Washington, DC

People Sitting in Darkness

David Crespy

Columbia, MO

Men Dancing

John Crews

Oxford, MS


Wayne Crome

Edwardsvill, IL


Jim Dalglish

Provincetown, MA


Jeanne Drennan

Pittsburg, PA


Adrienne Earle Pender

Willow Spring, NC

Banana Split Lady

Laura Emack

Prospect, ME

An Army of One

Florence Gibson

Toronto, Canada

How Do I Love Thee?

Karen Gray

Harrisburg, PA

Right on the Money

Kendall Gray

Omaha, NE

And to All a Good Night

Deborah Greenhut

East Brunswick, NJ

Staggering Girls

Frank Higgins

Kansas City, MO

The Collection

Jakob Holder

Brooklyn, NY


Amy Lynne Holland

Lakewood, OH


Tom Horton

Memphis, TN


David James

Linden, MI

So You Wanna Be an Actress?

Lynn-Steven Johanson

Macomb, IL

The Crucifixion of Moe and Ira

Shayne Kennedy

Oak Lawn, IL

Christmas Cookies

Norman Kline

Larchmont, NY

The 8:10

Hannah Koslosky

Omaha, NE

Portrait of the Artist as an Ensemble

Kevin Lawler

New York, NY

Monologue of Isabel Watching

E.M. Lewis

Santa Monica, CA

Reading to Vegetables

Myla Lichtman-Fields

El Cajon, CA

The Scandalmakers

Marilyn MacCrakin

Sacramento, CA

Dressing Matilda

Mark Manhart

Omaha, NE

Cootie Blues

Doug Marr

Omaha, NE

When All the World Goes to White

Ben Marshall

Plainfield, NJ

To Go

Kim Matthews

Lincoln, NE

The Pink Kitten

Michele Merens

Bayside, WI

The Lion's Den

Laura Morrissey-Foronda

Evanston, IL

Between Dream

Lee Myers

Omaha, NE

Killing Crazy Horse

Mary Jane Nordgren

Forest Grove, OR

Water and the Word

Kay Noyes

San Francisco, CA

Sailing Septaugenarians

Ann Marie Oliva

Charlotte, NC

A Bad Day

Glyn O'Malley

New York, NY

A Heartbeat to Baghdad

Andrea Onstad

Columbia, MO

Termination Aberration

Judith Pratt

Ithaca, NY


Lonn Pressnall

Forsyth, IL

House of Cards

Kimberly Pritchard

New York, NY

Anabel's Plum

Calvin Ramsey

Atlanta, GA

Canada Lee

Ronald Rand

New York, NY


David Robson

Wilmington, DE

Why I Want a Wife

Daena Schweiger

Omaha, NE

Anniversary Waltz

Mark Scott

Omaha, NE

Voice Training

Jerry Seifert

Brooklyn Park, NY

Dachau Dreaming

Timothy Siragusa

Omaha, NE

10 Seconds into the Future

Paul Smolens

Naples, FL

Interview with the Pope

Max Sparber

Omaha, NE


Geoffrey Stienblock

Bellevue, NE

Conversations with Ducks

Lynda Sturner

New York, NY


Nora Vetter

Omaha, NE

It's All in Your Head

Connie Whitt-Lambert

Denton, TX

Second Coming

Dawn Wilson

Omaha, NE

Make Your Own Soup

Ruis Woertendyke

Nyack, NY

Ivan's Way Out

Nick Zadina

Omaha, NE

The Day Omaha Exploded

Aaron Zavitz

Omaha, NE

Dialogue Heard on a Flooded River