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2007 Great Plains Theatre Conference Featured Playwrights

Short Play Labs

Marie Amthor

Manchester, MI

Coming Up for Air

Terence Anthony

Los Angeles, CA


Forrest Attaway

Athens, TX

Columbus Day

Donna Banicevich Gera

Oriental Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

Hope vs Hunter

Monica Bauer

Derby, CT

Two Men Walked into a Bar

Arika Beals

Rapid City, SD


Beaufield Berry

Omaha, NE

Ugly Birds

Lauren Bond

New York, NY


Daniel Born

Lawrence, KS

Where Should We Have Our Thanks?

Robin Byrd

Burbank, CA

The Book of Years

William Campbell

Omaha, NE

Box for Dork

Mark Charney

Clemson, SC

Cat Scratch Fever

Benjamin Clark

Hastings, NE

I Am Odysseus

David Coley

Mission, KS

Vexed to Nightmare

Don Cook

Charlotte, NC

Leddy´s Chair

Neva Cozine

Omaha, NE

The Porch Light

Wayne Crome

Edwardsville, IL


John Donnelly

Portland, OR

A Year of Grace

Laura Emack

Prospect, ME

The Piazza

Mark Farnen

New York, NY

After Dinner

Zachary Gall

Independence, MO

Deer, John

Ira Gamerman

Baltimore, MD

A Girl with a Black Eye

Ron Giles

Johnson City, TN

Moses Otis is Not a White Man

Guy Glass

New York, NY

A Night at the Opera or A Boy and His Diva

Cynthia Glucksman

Sherman Oaks, CA

The Anti-Bride

Benjamin Graber

Omaha, NE

Party Favor

Kendall Gray

Omaha, NE

Getting to Know You

D.W. Gregory

Silver Spring, MD

Why We Invented God

Roger Gross

Fayetteville, AR

Tumesco, Ergo Sum

Lindsay Harris

Philadelphia, PA


Justin Hofstetter

Columbia, MO

Twelfth Step

C.E. Holmes

Dell Rapids, SD

Meet De Boys on De Battlefront

Ross Howard

Fresno, CA

The Irresistible Rise of Arthur Huey

Terence Hughes

Jersey City, NJ

Farewell Evenbrook

Stacey Jamieson

Omaha, NE

Left for Dead

Lynn-Steven Johanson

Macomb, IL

Shooting Pool with a Rope

Jonathan Josephson

Pasadena, CA

The Significance of a Wedding Train

Beth Kahl

Omaha, NE


Ken Kaissar

New York, NY

Reaching Across Borders

Al Kammerer

Omaha, NE

Dancing Skeletons

Shayne Kennedy

Oak Lawn, IL

Saint Jude and the Hopeless Cause

Krista Knight

Portola Valley, CA

Apricot Supernovas

Leopold Kovar

Brainard, NE

Natural Selection

Wayne Lambert

Denton, TX


Cynthia Landis

Beechgrove, TN

Praying for a Hurricane

Lori Leigh

Younkers, NY

Wi(n)dow on the World

Barry Levine

Los Angeles, CA

The Waiting Room

Marilyn MacCrakin

Sacramento, CA

Good Luck Bonsai

Mark Manhart

Omaha, NE

Pickwick´s Dilemma

M. Nord Mistrall

Omaha, NE

The Train to Mantua

Ahsan Naseem

Lincoln, NE

Coming Home

Mary Jane Nordgren

Forest Grove, OR


Kay Noyes

San Francisco, CA


Ann Marie Oliva

Charlotte, NC


Patti Ann Patton

Grass Valley, CA

A Woman in the Son

Gregory Peters

Chicago, IL


Judith Plummer

Framingham, MA

The Eskimo Rule

Judith Pratt

Ithaca, NY

Consolidating Informational Functionality

Lonn Pressnall

Forsyth, IL

Freemen Shall Stand

Ron Radice

Andover, MA

Won´t Happen Again

Michael Ramirez

New York, NY

A Quiet House

Ronald Rand

New York, NY


Kenneth Robbins

Ruston, LA

In the River

David Robson

Wilmington, DE

Killing Neil LaBute

Lisa Rosenthal

Forest Park, IL

The Good Harvest

Whitney Rowland

Olathe, KS

Suicide by Punchbowl and Lights Fade, Curtain

Sarah Schmitz

Duluth, MN


Leslie Sedivy

Saint Paul, MN

How Jimmy and Janie Became Terrorists

Tim Siragusa

Omaha, NE


William Stewart

Bonita, CA

American Plaza

Geoffrey Stienblock

Bellevue, NE

The Penis Dialogues

Mary K. Stillwell

Lincoln, NE

The Burden

Melisa Tien

Jersey City, NJ

Looking at the Moon

Laura Turner

Las Vegas, NV

The Dying House

Katheryn White

Ocean Grove, NJ

Last Rights

Connie Whitt-Lambert

Denton, TX


Debra Wiess

Boston, MA

One More to Go

Dawn Wilson

Omaha, NE

A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Baker

Kim Zelonis

Arlington, VA

A Skewed Nude


Long Play Labs

Kyle Bass

Syracuse, NY

Wind in the Field

Don Garcia

Albuquerque, NM

A Kiss for Death

Jakob Holder

New York, NY


E.M. Lewis

Santa Monica, CA


Ross Maxwell

Brooklyn, NY

Anno Menender or The New Girl from Samos

Greg Pierce

New York, NY

Smack the Wagon

Toni Press-Coffman

Tuscon, AZ

New House, New Dog

Mary F. Unser

Los Angeles, CA


Aaron Zavitz

Omaha, NE

Tour of a Well-Kept House