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2008 Great Plains Theatre Conference Listen on the Web

Sunday, May 25 Directing with New York in the Rearview Mirror - a panel discussion
Panelists: Susie Baer Collins, Susan Clement Toberer, Judy Hart, Kevin Lawler, Steve Sheftz; Moderator Daniel Irvine
1 hr audio


Monday, May 26 Acting: The Business We´re In - a panel disussion
Panelists: Vincent Alston, Kim Estes, Larry Singer; Moderator Bostin Christopher
45 min audio


Tuesday, May 27 Producing I Am My Own Wife - a panel discussion
Panelists: Paul Pape, Nick Zadina; Moderator Kevin Lawler
27 min audio


Wednesday, May 28 Establishing Your Career as an Actor: Stage, Screen, Commercials and All - a panel discussion
Panelists: Kim Estes, Tammy Grimes, Joel Vig; Moderator Ronald Rand

1 hr audio


Thursday, May 29 Conversation with Honored Playwright Doug Wright and Marshall Mason: The Collaboration Between Directors and Playwrights
1 hr audio


Friday, May 30 Conversation with Honored Playwright Doug Wright
1 hr audio


Saturday, May 31 Performance by Patricia Neal of As I Am; introduction by Joel Vig
1 hr 3 min audio


Saturday, May 31 Doug Wright Great Plains Playwright Award


Saturday, May 31 Doug Wright Tribute Video