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Kim Estes

Kim Estes

Kim is glad to be back in Omaha.

He is fresh off of the Pacific Resident Theatre company stage playing Rev. Russell Stuyvants in the newly published play titled "Lions" written by Vincent Mellocci.

Keep an eye out for Kim as the Honorable Judge Mays in the Go Daddy commercials. He also worked on the short film "Free Denmark" by Ricardo Korda. Kim has four films that are to be released in some form in 2009 - they include "Chasing Tchaikovsky" by Greg Lalazarian, "The Birthday Gift" (Cannes Short Film Corner Festival Pick) by Marie Tang, "Breathing Room" and "Family of Four" both directed by John Suits.

Kim performs regularly with the Hollywood-based theatre group ‘TheSpyAnts’ Theatre company – he last appeared as Sgt. Pike/Senator Pike/Father Melvin in "The Life and Times of Tulsa Lovechild" directed by Kelly Ann Ford. He also appeared as Tony in the World Premier of E.M. Lewis' "Infinite Black Suitcase".

And when he's not on stage he is spending time teaching and developing systems for early child hood education, teaching pre-schoolers, kindergarten, 1st & 2nd grade kids how to count using Dominoes and the Dominaide First Math Plus tool kit (