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Connie FowlerConnie Fowler

As an actor, Connie is well-known as a great audience member, having appeared in audiences around the Midlands and across the country. She also is a playwright with works having been performed at The Shelterbelt, as well as at the 13th Street Gallery events, "The Style Parables" and ""Whoosh." In 2004, her short play Open All Night was produced at the Shelterbelt as part of From the Shelterbelt with Love 3 and won the Theatre Arts Guild Award for Outstanding One Act Play. The following year, she wrote a sequel, Still Open All Night, which was part of FSWL 4, and again won the TAG Award for Outstanding One-Act. Never one to walk away from something that works, she wrote a "prequel" to these two plays, and put them all together to make a full-length piece witch was produced at the North Side Christian Church Dinner Theatre in 2006. Connie is thrilled to bring "real life" to the stage and proud to be working beside her husband. Thank you to Alex for raising himself while mom and dad go "play." Now put on your head gear and go to bed. To the rest of you - put on your head gear and enjoy the show.