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Darcy HalseyDarcy Halsey

Since moving to Los Angeles, Darcy has appeared in numerous television shows, including CSI, Scare Tactics, Noah's Arc, and a recurring role in Breaking Up With Shannen Doherty. She also starred in the popular Bud Light "Ted Ferguson" campaign and currently has a GM commercial airing. Also her show Polly G, a television series that she co-wrote and starred in, has been optioned and is being pitched by Stun Creative.

Darcy’s recent films include Drifter, Behind The Smile; written and directed by Damon Wayans, Dark Heart, and Material Girls, opposite Hillary Duff.

Always close to the theater, Darcy most recently wrote, directed and starred in the critically acclaimed stage production. The Reunion, which is currently being produced as an interactive web series for Lionsgate. She also starred in Art Brown's hit play, Minding Goodman, as the mentally challenged Cheryl Goodman and What I Heard About Iraq, the controversial play produced at the Fountain.