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Elbert TraylorElbert Traylor

One of the great joys of my youth was participating in plays and musicals. This wonderful experience gave me a life-long appreciation for the unique experience of live theater. It has been my great fortune in recent years to return to that enchanted world to again participate in and explore new dimensions of theater. I have appeared recently as an officer of the court in The Misanthrope (Haymarket Theater), as Constable Locke in The Music Man (Pinewood Bowl) and as Manfred and “Dirty Old Man” in Sweet Charity (Lincoln Community Playhouse). I have participated as well in play readings, Banned Books readings and an improv series on “Caring for Your Parents” with Angels Theatre Company. My one-act play, A Window to a Heart, was accepted for the 2008 Great Plains Theatre Conference and my ten-minute play, Customs on Christmas Eve, was read at the 2007 Brian Mathers Christmas Cabaret. I am a program specialist at the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality.